Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lifeline Timeline

Isaiah 64:8 Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. (NIV)

It is an interesting exercise to do a timeline of your life. There is the basic timeline of the high points, i.e. birth date, school milestones, college, young adult milestones, marriage, children etc. There are other more specific timelines which could be your career, family or spiritual timelines. The older you are the more time you have to chart, or the more explicit you want your timeline to be, can cause your timeline to be very long, and/or, full.

I did this exercise shortly after my Parable of the Two Salads event. That was almost nine years ago. All of these timelines would have more moments to record or new titles for some events. Hind-sight allows for additional, in-depth reflection and a different point of view often brings different perceptions.

A Lifeline Timeline can be a useful tool. It provides a glimpse into the production of your life. Looking over your timeline you view patterns, talents, good-decisions and bad-decisions. You get a broader view at the direction you are going, where you might be heading or where you would like to end up.

My only child will be leaving for college soon. The requirements in the life of a 24/7 mom are about to change drastically. In order to embrace this change I've begun looking over my timeline to glimpse any discernible re-direction.

There are well traveled paths I would never have predicted nine years ago. I visibly see what God has been doing in my life and how I got where I am today. There are discernible paths moving forward, some traveled and some untried, but apparent.

Lifeline Timelines are a good exercise for reflection or confirmation or determination. It is a snapshot journal, a quick look at where you've been, where you are and where you are headed. It is a look at who has walked with you and when you have walked alone. A Lifeline Timeline is not the end product but a tool to see clearer the production of you.

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      1. You're right. I needed this.

        I sometimes do take a look back in time, concentrating on my accomplishments (I tend to know my failures only too well). It must be time for prayer and reflection again. That's probably just what I need to get out of this awful mood I'm in!

        Thanks so much!

      2. I would suggest you concentrate on your accomplishments and let the failures be forgotten. No one else remembers them why should you?