Saturday, September 22, 2012

You Got 'em Ladies, Get 'em Up!

"They're called boobs, Ed," says Erin Brockovich, from the movie Erin Brockovich.  It's her succinct explanation of  how she was able to acquire sensitive documents.  Erin understood the power of a firm figure. 

As a teenager in the 70's I joined the "Burn your bra!" battle cry of the liberated female and wholeheartedly embraced the fashion forward halter top. 

Thirty years later and gravity has taken it's toll, moving what was once firm and in place and pulled it down toward the waist.  If you find yourself in this same circumstance, take heart, the power of a good figure can be found in the power of a good, supportive bra.

Every figure is flattered by good foundation garments.  They improve all sizes by lifting and holding personal assets in place.  The bra boutique was a fashion wave that swept through in the 90's offering expert fitters to help women find the right fit and support bra for every size and shape.  These expert fitters can still be found at major department stores and speciality boutiques.

If you have never had a bra fitting I strongly encourage you to do so.  You've got 'em ladies, get 'em up.  A good figure will help your posture, strengthen your self-confidence and take an ordinary shirt from sloppy to sharp. 

Prove it with the image in your own mirror.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012


My Saturday was spent:

...working on the "Raw Edge" quilt.  All the pieces are cut and the sewing is set up for maximum efficiency.  Squares becoming blocks, blocks morphing into sections.  This quick pattern is currently my favorite in color and design.

... in the stadium watching the Wayland Pioneers pass, run, tackle and 'yard' their way down the field to their first win, 23-26.  We  enjoyed perfect football weather; overcast skies and 61 degrees accompanied by a slight breeze.  Eating junky food, drinking Route 44s and sporting t-shirts proclaiming our allegiance we cheered and stomped the Pioneers to a victory.

...attending to personal enhancement.  A pedicure ranks as a special treat.  Pretty toes are just...well, pretty.  There was a time I treated myself quite regularly when the procedure consisted of me, a technician, a clipper and polish of my choice.  It cost $10.  The pedicure has turned into an event including leg and foot massages, vibrating chairs, a cocktail and a price tag of $35.  Pretty toes are still nice, even when painted by my own hand.

Throughout the day domestic chores such as laundry and lunch and dishes were also accomplished.

Take a moment, reader, and share with me how you spent your Saturday.
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Is Football

Across the United States fall means football.  Texas football comes in all sizes from high school 6-man to Texas Tech and the three time National Champion University of Texas Longhorns. 

Football is serious business in the Texas Panhandle.  Our local news begins ramping us up with Friday Highlights, a preview of each panhandle high school team that premieres at 2-a-days.  (For the football uninitiated '2-a-days': holding football practice twice a day generally starting around the first of August.) 

This season one more team was added to the NAIA football rank.

D. works for a small university that was established in 1908. Their football program came to an end at the start of  WWII.  So many men went to war that the university could not field a team.  They did not have another football season until 2012.  Today was the first home game for Wayland in 70 years.

D. has been at Wayland for 14 years and I graduated with my Master's in 2005.  There was a great deal of pride seeing our team take the field this afternoon.  It is a young group, freshman and sophomores, that have worked through a year of just practice to get to play their first game as a team in September, 2012. 

Everything is new such as the uniforms and coaches, fan t-shirts and souvenirs; the field is borrowed, (the local high school stadium) and enthusiasm is high for what is going to be a rough season of getting team oriented, working together and winning.
There is a thrill that comes with being here at the beginning, watching it all come together and cheering the smallest of successes.  (We lost but the team played hard and deserved every cheer.)  I  feel invested and excited about watching this team develop and grow. 
One more Texas football team in an sport being played in every town, at every level can seem unremarkable but it's my team, I'm a fan and fall IS football.

What are you a fan of?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Scrapy Quilt #5

 I started this Quilt-as-you-go project in the spring.  It got pushed aside for the auction project that netted $30 each!  Summer was full and allowed for no sewing time.

School is back in session and it took one night to finish this up.  As with most of these quilts I wouldn't turn it in for judging at the county fair but it will keep a body warm in the winter and look nice at the end of the bed.

As usual measurements and calculating yardage are a challenge allowing for scraps on hand to begin a project.  There were fewer scraps available than originally thought.  On the back the intention was to use the dark green to frame each square but there wasn't enough so the backing fabric did double duty.  The plus side is there were less scraps of the backing material so win/win!

I love the end product of this method.  The pattern called for much larger squares which is understandable now although next time I'll quilt larger sections versus making larger squares.  With this and a few other tweaks quilt-as-you-go could easily become a preferred method.

There is another pattern already waiting to be cut to go along with a pillow already made. 
I have found my hobby. 
What do you enjoy doing?