Friday, June 29, 2012

In the Sewing Room: Pillows!

My friend and quilting buddy, R., gave me another bag of remmnants.  R. also gave me the bag that made the children's blankets that were sent north to be auctioned at the family reunion.

This second bag is full of larger pieces and I've already found another quilt pattern I want to use them for, a Raw Edge Circle pattern. 

Quilt As You Go

On the same blog as the Raw Edge Circle quilt pattern there was this great pillow pattern.  While D. was in Alaska on a business trip I was working on my Quilt-As-You-Go with every intention of having it done by the time he got home.  All good intentions, I ran into a problem with my machine and decided it needed a tune-up.  With my machine in the shop the window of opportunity opened  to whip up a pillow using the serger.
The bag of remmants was like a treasure chest.  The pieces were cut on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  The pillow went together in an evening.  A quilt with a couple of these pillows in the same fabric would make a wonderful gift.


Bag of remmants
'Nuff said, get sewing!


  1. My mother was talking about when she became an empty nesters...she said, that is when I discovered quilting and it helped me adjust and has been my joy every since. She has always sewn, but now she makes quilts for cancer survivors...

    So glad you are enjoying your sewing...enjoy your summer with your son

  2. what a great job. I wish I had your talent.

  3. I really like the pillow pattern, I will need to check it out. I hope your parents are doing okay the reunion. It has been hot for quite a few days with no relief in sight. We have had almost no rain in over a month and crops are shriveling, lawns are dead, and everyone with gardens are trying to salvage them with some watering. We were at our cabin in northern WI for four days (they have had good rains) and since we've been home we trying to revive things. Unfortunately a deer or rabbit decided to eat all the leaves off the bean plans, leaving behind these skinny little stalks with baby beans on them. Now the sun can totally roast the beans before they grow. Having accomplished that the critter moved on last night to chomping on the pepper plants and devastating the swiss chard. I feel so discouraged, but then I think of the book I just read. If my garden fails, I will just buy produce at a produce stand or at the grocery store. I may not have my favorites, but I will eat. Make sure you let me, or have your mom tell me, the exact dates you will be in WI. I want to make sure we are home.

  4. I was thinking (as I began to read) about how a bag of remnants was a treasure chest, and then you mentioned just that! What fun, glad you shared with us. You always inspire me to be creative!

    Have a great weekend,