Friday, November 30, 2012


If there is anyone out there who has never asked, plead, begged, sought, searched, implored, or screamed out for patience please leave a comment, I would like to meet you.

Looking back over 51 years, my patience quotient has been low, in most areas .  My history is littered with moments of actively seeking patience.  There is a definite increase that can be charted, signs of personal growth, as the years have passed and maturity began to take hold.  Noticeably, where there are high moments of spiritual growth my patience quotient grew steadily.

I'm not about to declare I have discovered the Fountain of Patience or give directions to it's mental location nor offer five steps to filling up your own patience quotient.

Sorry, not here, not now, not me.

The article Patience and Spiritual Formation by Bryan Belknap brought the patience quotient to mind.  Belknap points out that being patient is a large part of your spiritual walk:
  • Paul meets Jesus on the Damascus Road and starts his first missionary trip evangelizing the Western world...approximately 13 years later. 
  •  Noah receives divine boat plans and the flood 100 years. 
  • Joseph's dreams about his family bowing down came true...after about 23 years
There is an excellent example in my own life.
  •  In 1984 I felt assured by God that we would have a child, which indeed we did, in 1992.
At this moment I am trying to wait patiently for the answer to another prayerful request.  Remaining 'still and listening' has become a possibility as I've grown in my own spiritual formation.

Recently, I was given a task which raised my hopes that an answer may be close at hand.  Belknap's article dashed that hope with a spiritual nudge indicating there is likely substantial time to wait.

On my personal timeline there is another excellent example of allowing impatience to push me into a bad decision.  The time and heartache it took to straighten that move out was the most efficient of patience lessons.

I will follow the wisdom of Psalm 37:7 and Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him. There are excellent examples in my history that proves this is the best decision. 

Learning to wait patiently never ends. 

"Thank you God, for being patient with me." 

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bug Bites Gone

Ta-Da!  The completed Raw Edge quilt; #6 since August 2011.  I have been a regular cottage industry on the sewing machines since L. left for college

The high school and elementary t-shirt quilts were quick and easy.  Those were the only sewing projects I intended to do, at the start, but the sewing bug bit.  I pulled out my over abundance of Christmas fabric scraps and went to work.

While surfing the web I hit on the quilt-as-you-go method and had enough various and sundry scraps to give it a try.  I didn't enjoy the piecing of this particular pattern that much but I do like quilting as you go.  I ordered a walking foot and while waiting for it to arrive I dug into the scrap bin and whipped together a child's blanket.

Before I started the quilt-as-you-go a good friend and quilting buddy gave me a bag of minkee scraps. It was a fortunate gift as it allowed me to turn out 3 children's blankets for a family reunion auction.  The same continuous family reunion that the t-shirts for the first t-shirt quilt were made from.

In the  midst of all the sewing this pillow pattern was too cute and too easy not to try.

At the end of the quilt-as-you-go, children's blankets and pillow it would seem I had run out of steam when my friend again gave me some really nice scraps.  The Raw Edge quilt pattern seemed perfect . . . the machines began to hum.

So now the needles have gone quiet and L. is due home for Thanksgiving break on Tuesday.  I've packed up the machines and cleaned up the 'sewing room' returning it to an office.  I'm moving my attention to a list of minor repair projects around the house.  I can't imagine the sewing machines won't start up again but I'll wait for the sewing bug to bite again.

What bugs bite you?

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Natural disaster and the immense trail of destruction has, once again, brought out the good in people.  The call for support and relief has gone out and the nation has responded.  Media moguls, high profile personalities, publicity machines, mega news outfits and legions of fans have mobilized to generate money and goods for the ravaged and damaged. 

The Salvation Army, Red Cross and other aid organizations who are set up and work with the survivors through such disasters greatly benefit from these fund raising efforts.  These groups go the distance and do great work.  But there are others. . .

The energy generated by impending calamity, actions in the immediate aftermath of predicted devastation and the surge of compassionate, patriotic duty all ends.  Clean up is not edge-of-your-seat visual excitement. Clean-up is a sound bite or 60 Minutes segment.

The dust settles, news focuses on the more immediate, celebrities return to their tours, unaffected people return to their lives and the mundane work begins.  Who are those who stay?  Who are they with the rolled up sleeves, dirty jeans and grimy hands helping to feed that family, wash those cloths or haul in that water?

I stumbled across one of these groups while searching for information on places for our congregation to make donations.  It is just one group out of Texas that has invested time and money in equipment and training in order to respond as disaster relief units.

They have semi-tractor trailers that are designed to provide 30,000 meals every day, others are outfitted with industrial washers and dryers to serve as portable laundry facilities and still others are outfitted with showers and lavatory units. 

From this local unit 60 volunteers headed East, committed for the next two weeks to help those who require the most basic of needs.

This is one of the many groups of common people working towards the common good.  One neighbor reaching out to help another.  Their story tucked into the local papers, under other headlines, sharing the good that quietly takes place in our world.   

These groups have always been.  Their ranks change as generations rotate but their service is continual.  Take a moment and share about the groups that help in your community.

Let us sing for the unsung volunteers. 

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Dating & Mating: Hysteria

Hysteria is a  humorous and tasteful depiction of the invention of the personal vibrator.  The interesting points raised in the film include the history of Hysteria as a medical diagnosis and the psychology of a woman's 'personal satisfaction'.

Hysteria was a medical diagnosis until the 1950s and appeared to encompass any malady women had that could not be explained.  The women in the movie appeared to suffer more from a mental issue of boredom and s**ual (side-stepping unwanted web-searches) dissatisfaction versus any type of physical ailment.

Good couple s**ual satisfaction is a core element in successful relationships.  Conversations about finding and /or generating that satisfaction are generally the embarrassed, whispered words among friends.  Given the studies, couple conflicts and life decisions this topic affects a movie like this and other open avenues of information and discussion are needed and should be welcomed. 
The s**ual revolution of the 60's and 70's have afforded the modern woman less restriction in her s**ual expression.  Unfortunately, that freedom seems more free for the media to portray than for a woman to initiate in her relationships. 

The expression that appears to have been unleashed in the s**ual revolution was the freedom to HAVE s*x with someone, not to talk with your partner about s*x, leaving the conversations hushed and embarrassed.

As advanced in technology and dissemination of knowledge as we've become the male/female conundrum continues to baffle us.  Education is the answer, the more you know the better your decisions can be.  Two highly recommended books are, For Women Only and For Men Only by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn. These give an excellent glimpse into the workings of the opposite sex, providing insight to understanding their motivation and decision making process.

A good web magazine to put in your RSS Feed is Science of Relationships.  For this post here are two noteworthy articles from the website:  Let's Talk About S*x While Having S*x and Are You GGG? The Benefits of S**ual Communal Strength; both offering research and analysis to help us improve our relationships and relationship decision making.
Communication is a vital key to every relationship.  Most anything that generates dialogue on the difficult subjects is a tool to increase your communication and improve your relationships. 

Become a student of relationship building, increase your knowledge through all the tools, (internet, library, bookstore, classes) available, some at your fingertips.  It is an investment in all your relationships, present and future.

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