Friday, March 9, 2012

Re-Cycle, Re-Craft: A Blanket Story

In the midst of my current quilting project, a Quilt-As-You-Go, I placed an order for a nifty tool that I'll wait on to continue, so, I'm digging in my remnant bag to see what treasures are waiting to be made.  In the depths I pull out a nice, large piece of camouflage material backed with soft flannel. 

The story behind this remnant goes back almost ten years when my sewing projects were annual Christmas pajamas for my son.  We were at my sister-in-law's for the holidays and her son, an avid outdoors man, had this piece of fabric.  During our discussion of the pajamas he asked me to make him a pair of shorts.

The shorts never got made but here was this nice, large remnant, a perfect size for a child's blanket.  This same nephew now has two adorable children.  The only kicker was a 1/4 of a yard chunk cut out of the corner.

Off to the wonderful world of fabrics; Hancock's and Joann's in my town, to see what kid friendly border could be found plus a suitable replacement for the corner. 

Hancock's was the winner with the fun frogs on camo print as well as a brown fleece for the replacement piece.

The finished blanket has a 4 inch border and a brown square with  frogs cut out of the fabric and ironed in place.

 I really like the whimsy of the frogs on camo which give the original piece a kid friendly feel.  I hope my nephew is happy with the final product, instead of his shorts, and the kids enjoy the warmth of their camouflage blanket.

This makes complete 'quilt' number 4 since September.  Number 5 is well underway.  I have to credit the empty nest energy, it keeps me productive.



  1. That came out great! I am crazy for quilts. Our cousin made us two cute ones for the RV. But they better hold me back when I get to Amish country :-)

  2. Sally, this is just too cute...I know he is going to love it....You have been a busy girl with your quilting...I am envious of your energy level.....

  3. I'm loving that you made a boy quilt that doesn't look frilly! Great work!

  4. So I know who to call if I need quilting advice! You must be pleased with your progress. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)