Friday, March 30, 2012

A Spring Campaign of Color

Here in the Panhandle we are experiencing a short spring.  We hit the 90's and it's just the end of March!  This warm/hot weather has brought out the flowers in wonderful color and made the lawn an emerald carpet.  This is a favorite time of year, before the heat browns the yard and the sun burns up the foliage. 

Here is a small sample of the color that spring has sprung:


All this color is around the tree in the backyard.
These beautiful colors are next to the house.
The rose garden will burst out next. 
Last Thursday was spent raking, weeding and trimming.
It is not unusual to experience a hard freeze in April, after the budding,
diminishing the bushe's full glory.
The temps this week make me eager to embrace summer.  
What does your yard look like? 


  1. Beautiful! Wish our grass was the green and pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sally, Greetings from Kingston. Your parents have mentioned your blog a couple times and I finally got around to looking at it. Just skimmed a few entries and hit upon quite a few connections -
    of course your parents, next your reference to libraries, and your interest in quilting. I just retired as Markesan School District's librarian, and I am a wannabe quilter who mostly works on baby quilts, lap quilts, and wall hangings. I also have an embroidery machine and do quite a bit with it. I also noticed your trip to Berres Brothers coffee. I stop there almost everytime I go through Watertown. Lucky for me, most grocery stores in the area sell the coffee either bulk or in bags. I even shopped at their tiny, tiny first retail store which was really just a hole in the wall. Since you're a reader, I'll also share that I have a blog I review books I've read and often do prepubs. Would love to have you stop in and read it. Right now I don't do any links to advertising or other sites, but I may change that.

    I don't know if you remember meeting at church in Dalton last fall, but I am Russ W's wife. We're the ones your parents went on vacation with. I will be looking forward to following your musings.

  3. Oh, pansies with their sweet little faces! Right now only daffodils bloom.

  4. We hit upper 80's here recently. Mentally I am not ready for summer weather. Love the sunshine and warm air (vs. freezing) but I always like a nice spring transition. :) Love the vibrant colors of the flowers! Thanks for sharing the pictures.