Friday, April 6, 2012

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed.

Easter, like other holidays, has it traditions and memories.  I was confirmed into the Congregational Church body and understood the significance of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter morning.  My sisters and I also enjoyed the fun of Easter outfits, baskets of candy and the Easter bunny.

We were a rural family with limited discretionary funds so we made our baskets out of old shoe boxes.  My mother made this an anticipated activity by letting us design and create our own masterpieces with construction paper, crayons and the yearly recycled plastic grass.  We colored two dozen eggs to put in our baskets then hid them for the Easter bunny to find and re-hide.

By Good Friday we had been to Copps in Oshkosh, or downtown Portage, to purchase our Easter outfits.  My most memorable outfit is a sky blue pant suit that had a white stripped lapel and button front with yellow smiley faces for buttons.  (Who can date this outfit?)

Early Sunday morning we attended Sunday school and church then home to hunt our baskets.  Our baskets appeared to overflow with candy, socks, underpants (practical gifts of necessities) and small items such as a kite or small game, books, pencils or stationary.

D and I incorporated most of these traditions and even with our son away at college I put together an Easter basket and sent it to him in time for Easter Sunday.  We will observe the holy days remembering what Christ suffered and rejoicing on Easter morning for what the resurrection means for us.  I pray your life is full of joy and peace by knowing the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

What is your favorite Easter tradition or memory?

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  1. What fun to read your Easter traditions...sweet precious memories...

    We too always got a new outfit, an Easter basket, and my Dad ordered flowers for each of us and they were delivered on Easter morning and then we were off to Church....Easter was usually a happy day at our house as compared to many others which weren't.....

    I hope you have a blessed Easter....

  2. I think mine is what we have been doing for years...our banner from the garden to the empty tomb. We also got Easter dresses when I was young....but I remember the music more than anything and the joy of his resurrection that was celebrated at church

    Your memories are great!!

  3. I'll bet your son still loves it and looks forward to it. Our boys have been blessed with grandmas who also do special things. The far-away grandma sends a box with Easter treats and the standard marshmallow Peeps. The close-by grandma always brings chocolate bunnies. Even College Kid loves receiving these. :)

  4. My mom ALWAYS sewed us brand-new, coordinating outfits. One year we even had bonnets.