Saturday, April 21, 2012

Metaphorically Speaking

I am not afraid.  I am not afraid to take out the screws and open up the machine.  I am not afraid to remove pieces and poke at the cogs.  I am not afraid to search the Internet for the part required and order it.  I will not be afraid to replace this part when it arrives (found a tutorial online). 

A quick call to a sewing machine repair shop and the price comparsion braced my courage, ordering the parts for $16.65 (shipping included) versus a $120 repair bill. 

The quilting production line has been brought to a stand still by a worn out feed dog gear set.  I'm bummed, the second child's blanket is prepped and pinned to finish binding the edges. 

So, I'm looking at the pieces laying around the upended machine, the inner workings bared for all (me) to see.  It makes the mind wander over the metaphors such a scene can conjure . . . . and I am not afraid.

The past year is a milestone for our family of three.  D. and I both turned 50.  We've embraced this birthday along with the stronger prescription for glasses, easily sparked aching joints, tired bodies; basic older ailments. 

L. turned 18, graduated from high school, moved away to college and throwing us into an unexpectedly strong swirl of empty nest emotions.  My heart has been as tender as my aging body; easily tired, vulnerable to bruising, quick to want to recoil and hide away.

Yet, as there are replacement parts to fix a broken machine time also heals the heart.  L. has settled into his new normal and so have D. and I.  We counteract the aging process by continuing our quest for a healthier lifestyle, getting good sleep and soaking regularly in the hot tub.  Sewing has been a balm to my frazzled feelings, pouring my emotions into fabric as D. pours his into cooking.  The results have been multiple quilts and fabulous meals.

I'm anxious to get my machine fixed because what was a panacea for the first year of college is becoming a productive hobby.  I expect D. will continue to cook too.

What milestone have you recently reached?


  1. Sally, these are big milestones, indeed. I remember with my first child, making weekend runs to visit him and helping him with term papers, laundry. In retrospect, I was doing all that because I needed the interaction, the connections. He was happy with the help, but didn't really need any of it.

    With the other two, I took a more passive role.

  2. Whew, those are some big milestones.
    I guess I haven't had any lately that I can think of--in a holding pattern for a while now here.

  3. Life changes, all. Wow! You're doing some very smart stuff, Sally, caring for yourselves and finding an outlet for your feelings. You're stitching love right into those blankets, and whoever receives them will be blessed! :)

  4. So many! You are so young:) I'd love to go back to 50 again:) I still struggle with my empty nest but it is getting better.

  5. Just wondering. I posted a comment about your sewing machine repair project last week, and now when I was on your blog site, I see that my comment isn't here. Did you ever see it? Any way I said you were courageous to undertake any sewing machine repair. I just sent two of my machines off for maintenance/cleaning. I always feel lost when they are gone. Luckily we were gone to our cabin for most of the week.