Friday, November 18, 2011

Aging Gracefully: Crossing the Threshold

Hitting 50 is the bell ringing, flag waving, socially accepted, certified doorway to old age.  AARP welcomes you under the confetti of mutliple mailings in anticipation of this momentous occasion.  On your 50th birthday you cross the threshold into old.

Since I've turned 50 there has been more than one store clerk ask if I wanted to join their senior's club.  On my receipt, just yesterday, the clerk graciously gave me the 15% senior discount, assuming there was no need to ask.  Don't get me wrong, I'll take a discount at any age.

I've also noticed that remarks concerning the aging body have my ears perking.  I find myself paying closer attention to the indigestion, bloating, acid reflux and Bengay commercials.  During some mild discomfort I went to investigate on the Internet and hit a BINGO for menopause symptoms.  Hello Old Age!

While at the library recently I held the door for an elderly lady walking with a cane.  She said to me, "Oh dear, never get old."  "It's too late!" I wanted to cry, "I've turned 50, I'm at the top of the hill sitting in a wagon!"  Instead I replied, with a smile, "I don't think I have a choice so I'm trying to do it gracefully."

Therefore, here at the threshold, in addition to the Dating and Mating series, Friday Forum posts, Treasures of the Heart, empty nest chronicles, writing commentaries and thoughts in general it seemed timely to pen my progress on Aging Gracefully.

When I crossed over in August, I started taking Vitamin D along with a Women's daily vitamin and have sought information on what helps ease the symptoms of menopause.  I'm a card carrying member of the AARP.

Positive changes already in progress have been to lose weight, truly attempt to exercise more, updating my make-up regime and turning my wardrobe towards a more classic look rather then trendy. 

I don't fear age, I fear the problems that come with age.  It isn't my goal to be mentioned by Willard Scott as a Smucker's 100 but with more and more mentions of 102+, if I make it I'd like to be ambulatory and continent.  With those goals in mind there is no better time to prepare than here at the threshold.

I say "Cheers!" to aging gracefully.   
What do you say?                                                  
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  1. Oh I agree...having post over the threshold last January. I think 50 has hit me more than 40 and for some reason I don't see myself as 10 years older....but my body has told me things are different.
    I am exercising and adjusting to other things just like for my "keep" feeling young solution...I have a five year old and I just enjoy life through his eyes!!!

  2. Welcome to my world! I remember turning 50 and joking about AARP.Later I was happy I was a member as they were the only insurance company who would cover us when we lost our jobs!LOL I hate getting old and am determined to stay healthy through working out and trying to keep up on changes in life. My husband went back to college at age 56! Anything is possible!

  3. I agree, aging gracefully is the way to go!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I agree with you, it's easier to go with it than to fight it.