Friday, October 28, 2011

Arriving at the Middle

Driving home from the library I noticed a family walking.  The man was holding the hand of a small girl about 6 years old, followed by his pregnant wife.  I smiled because it was a nice picture.  My first thought was, "I'm glad I'm past that."  My second thought, "I have arrived at middle."

Lately, when out, D. and I seem to notice small children.  They make us smile and generally illicit a memory of when L. was that age.  It is no surprise that these thoughts are prevalent here at the beginning of our empty nest.  We have launched our child but have yet to enjoy the pleasures of grandchildren.  We are at the middle.  We have JUST arrived so we still have the steady dating, engagement, wedding and grandchildren stations to go through yet.  (Hopefully in that order.)

Grandchildren are joyfully anticipated but I honestly don't want to rush the process.  In the meantime D. and I have a lot to offer in our jobs, friendships and ministries as we adjust to the extra time we have to give. 
There is a feeling of freedom being on the older, wiser end of the line.  Friendships with younger women are exciting as they share their energy and their familiar situations.  It is satisfying being able to offer comfort and advice because we've been there.  It's freeing to look back down the road and see what hurdles were jumped, what pitfalls were missed and helping along those who are making the same journey.

We've arrived at the middle.  I greatly enjoyed the stations getting here and I'm looking forward to what's ahead.  What are your thoughts about the station in life where you currently find yourself?

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  1. Thankful for our friendship and your wise advise!! Enjoy the middle!! You both deserve some freedom!

  2. Our middle went fast.When our daughter went to college she met her future husband,married and got pregnant right away. So we love looking at little children and thinking about our grandson.He also lost his job right after she married so we couldn't do any of those things we wanted to as a couple alone again.So we missed that middle!

  3. Oh my thoughts...well I will never be in the children range from married age 28 to age we just skipped right over that middle time. LOL

    As for grand kids...I can't wait, but right now our married is having infertility the promise of one soon is in God's hands, and I wish I could pass to her the fertility I was given. How funny it is when we just think it should go a certain way and you hit a curve ball....God is truly good and gives good gifts.