Friday, October 14, 2011

Quilting Through the Elementary Years

I'm moving right along on my quilting spree. This is the third tee shirt quilt and likely the last (I have no other tee shirts to use!)

The first was for practice.  It was the Family Reunion Quilt which followed a traditional pattern.  For the high school tee shirts I used my serger with school colors.  That was my favorite method of the three.  On this current quilt I used L's elementary through 8th grade tee shirts. 

This pattern is called a "Rag Quilt" where the complete square is assembled and then attached leaving the edges to fray.  It is always difficult to find the one fabric that will tie so many different colors together but the plaid flannel did the trick.  The front are tees from first through fifth grade and the back are from junior high.

With L. away at college the back bedroom has been transformed from an office into a sewing room.  I've bought quilting and embroidery needles and pulled out all the fabric tucked into tubs, bags and back closet corners.

The internet is a fabulous resource, I've read enough about applique, and have plenty of Christmas fabric scraps, to begin the next project.  It will be interesting to see when all this energy begins to wan but at the moment it's full steam ahead.


  1. These look awesome! Wish I had a sewing bug!!

  2. Very nice. You are so talented.

  3. Look at all you are doing in this new season of empty nest!!! Now I have got to go clean my serger and get busy also...great job!

  4. What a great project! You're very creative. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  5. Love these quilts...I did one for my son when we graduated from college...They are fun to make and bring back so many memoires while working on them....

    Great job.....I want to thank you for your sweet comments you left for me....Encouragement is balm to the soul.....

  6. This makes me sad. I saved all my daughter's T-shirts, cut them to quilt together like this and then when we moved,I threw them out thinking I would never do them and they took up space. Yours turned out like I dreamed mine should have!