Friday, September 16, 2011

High School T-Shirt Quilt Complete!

Alright.  I'm raising my right hand, bending at the elbow and patting myself on the back.  L. is about to start his fourth week of college and I have completed the quilt made out of his high school t-shirts.   

Last November I made a quilt out of family reunion t-shirts to test out a serger my sister gave me.  My saying holds; "Have Serger will travel."

The pattern was modified as L. had so many t-shirts that I was able to piece both sides.  A summer weight blanket was used as the batting, cutting it into squares and assembling a completed panel.  A gold thread was used on the top stitch (high school colors were black and gold) to show on the serger side. 15 panels on each side made for the perfect dorm bed size.

 N. (a member of the Friday Forum) suggested that I use old jeans for the edging because what says teenager more accurately than jeans and t-shirts?  It took three pair of jeans to complete this edge.

There remains a stack of t-shirts from elementary through junior high waiting to become the next project.  The serger worked very well but with the batting and four sheets of fabric I was trying to put a bit more under the serger foot than it was designed for.  I'm going for a brighter and larger quilt on this next one and have found a Rag Quilt design that should fit the bill.

The final touch is in the lower left hand corner on the serger side.  Placing a kiss, including a prayer and adding a tag that says it all:


  1. You're a rock star mom! It looks awesome!

  2. This is great....I have seen these and thought, oh why didn't I keep all those sports shirts through the years...oh well, can still do it with the last two.
    Good job!! and love the tag at the bottom...I bet you went down memory lane as you sewed it.

  3. I have always wanted to do that, but we ended up sending tees to mission trips. Just kept a few. You did a great job, Sally.

  4. Wow, what a great project and gift! You're so creative and resourceful. Thanks for sharing this with us. Suddenly I feel like sewing...:)