Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday Forum Catch Up

Several Fridays have passed, time to catch up on our product endorsement and coffee recommendations.  I made the trip to Austin recently and planned a stop at H.E.B. grocers to pick up A Taste of Houston, A Taste of San Antonio (this is a favorite) and Texas Pecan, all from the H.E.B. Cafe 'Ole coffee brand.  While in Austin we ate at the Magnolia Cafe and their coffee was so exceptional we made the trip across town to the supplier, Trianon Coffee, and purchased a pound of their Magnolia blend to share with the Friday Forum.

On the coffee front our Forum received approval to purchase a new brewing system which was installed and has made all the difference in brewed coffee flavor.  It is important that your coffee brews at the correct temperature, with good water, into a clean pot.  Thanks to those in charge for bringing the office coffee brewing system up to speed.

V. has been steadfast in providing yummy new samples to try and the Forum has spoken. 

N. says: Keebler Wheatables Nut Crisps Crunchy Cashew Crackers (that’s a mouthful of a name!)
These are delicious – perfect for when you come home from work a bit hungry and dinner is still 2 hours away. We’ve bought 3 boxes since trying.
Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorn Sugar and Cinnamon – light, crunchy, tasty; would be great for a party
World Table Dutch Caramel Cookies – I was massively unimpressed with these dry, slightly unpleasant tasting cookies.

C. remarked on the KettlecornYummy!! How many calories?

E. declares: “Love the kettlecorn! It is light and not too sweet. Perfect balance of sugar and cinnamon.” Along with M.M.: The popcorn was surprisingly good. Very rarely do I like to eat it but I actually enjoyed it!

And V. herself thought:
BLUE BUNNY Red Velvet Ice Cream … best specialty cake ‘infused’ ice cream out there. And despite the fact that Ben and Jerry’s (premium ice cream compared to Blue Bunny) also has a limited edition of Red Velvet Cake ice cream out right now, they don’t hold a candle to the Duff Goldman ‘Ace of Cakes’ inspired BLUE BUNNY version!

 Ritz Brown Sugar and Cinnamon … not sweet enough to stave off an attack of the ‘I need something sweet, and now’ moments. Very lightly sugared, and I couldn’t find anything to top one with that did anything for me …. Seems more suited to the recipes on the back of the box.

World Trade Dutch caramel cookies … look thin and VERY sweet, but not so. Really nice with my Saturday morning coffee.

Cinnamon; Sugar Kettlecorn by Popcorn Indiana … although you expect it to be kettle corn sweet, it’s not!! First thing you notice is obviously the light sweet taste and cinnamon, but you are also able to taste a hint of butter/salt in the background … it’s a beautiful thing!!

M added: The kettlecorn was light and satisfying…and nice that it is already popped. Convenient and satisfying.
Red velvet ice cream was yummylicious and would be dangerous to have in my fridge.

Here's hoping your Friday's are a pleasant experience.

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  1. Ah, yes, it's worth searching for that great cup of coffee.

  2. I don't drink coffee, but I love tea!
    Donna v.

  3. Why am I suddenly hungry? :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Not a coffee drinker..but know Magnolia Cafe...hope you are enjoying your trips to HEB's in our area yet