Monday, June 13, 2011

Coffee: It's a Group Thing

 I work in a medium sized office where the support staff gathers each Friday at 10:00am for coffee, food and conversation.  In the work world you could call it Team Building, in the neighborhood you would call it a Coffee Klatch.  We brew a speciality coffee, share a tasty treat and enjoy the company of coworkers.

This particular Friday we were enjoying Starbucks Christmas blend along with homemade blueberry scones,  baked by N,  when V. came out of her office with a delightful display of chocolate candies.  She noticed that Hershey's had two new candies available, Drops and Air Delight Bars.  V. was interested but didn't want to consume all those calories herself so she split up the pieces for us all to try. 

To heighten our participation V. made cards with the nutritional information of each item so we could make informed decisions.  (We're nothing if not a health conscious crowd.)

Within all the conversation we thought it would add another element to our Friday mornings to bring new products to share, discuss and give a thumbs up or down.  We've decided to give it a try and I'll share the products and our thoughts as they arrive or give the group a guest post option to share their thoughts.

Coffee is a Friday staple, is there a speciality blend that you would recommend?


  1. I am so envious of the ladies you work with! Fun!! I work with a different set of women every weekend in the ER, some are friendly, some not so--I can't imagine us doing something like this.

  2. HEB's Taste of San Antonio is good.

  3. Sally, to my fellow friend...I am here to say congratulations on your award from Barb at God whispers in my ear! We have both been nominated so how awesome to be in the company of you for this award!