Friday, June 24, 2011

Our 18 Cents, from the Friday Forum

It's been a Goldfish kind of coffee Friday.  Pepperidge Farms Goldfish have so many new varieties we took two Fridays to try them out.  The first round went to: S'Mores, Vanilla Cupcake and Xtra Chocolaty.  The combined consensus of the Friday Forum: the S'Mores were novel enough to try but wouldn't get a second purchase.  The Vanilla was very similar to vanilla wafers and not unique enough to buy again.  Xtra Chocolaty, always a favorite and a definite "buy again" product.

The second round of Goldfish included: Xtra Cheesy Pizza and Mix-Up Adventures.  Cheesy Pizza got mixed reviews.  My personal was, yuck.  The mix-up was a pretzel/cheese mix which was roundly appealing.

We also threw Wrigley’s 5 React 2 gum into the mix.  N's opinion: no, don’t like the texture.  I didn't like the flavor or the black licorice look.  Others in the group found it mildly pleasing. 

Thanks again to V., our own mystery shopper, for scouting out and providing the new products.

We received a coffee suggestion and will brew a pot for next Friday, stay tuned for reviews.
Is there a product you like and think we should try?

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  1. Oh how funny...well I will remember all the reviews when I shop next...of course the 5 year old will want the goldfish, in some flavor.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today...blessings on the empty-nest. I have four that have flown off with two still remaining...I don't know if I will ever see an empty-nest. LOL

  2. Hi Sally, thank you for commenting on my blog. I wish I could send you some of the rain we have been having here in St. Louis. We use to have a Pepperidge Farms outlet. Now it's gone.

  3. I didn't know goldfish made so many flavors!!! It sounds like so much fun to sample them but i would soon become addicted:) LOL