Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 Fall Back

It has been since the Bear Quilt that anything new has come out of the sewing room.  The machines have not been silent just busy refashioning tops.

In 2010, with the implementation of a wellness program at D.s company, we went on 20 weeks of Weight Watchers with great success.  A total loss of 40 pounds changed my wardrobe over and the 'big' clothes were packed away.
There are a couple schools of thought on retaining 'big' clothes.  A frequent comment was, "You should get rid of those sizes so you don't have them to get back into."  That is an understandable idea but I have some very nice pieces and am realistic enough to know that those boxes may need to be revisited.

Three years down the road and indeed, those boxes came out of storage.  I have regained 20 of those pounds and some of the stored tops refashioned, are a sensible, economical choice.

Don't be discouraged for me, I am back at Weight Watchers for a refresher and expect to unpack the smaller tops that, for the moment, have been stored away.

This pillow has been at the back of my mind since I finished the Raw Edged quilt.  A round pillow was my initial concept but it didn't have the bright blue fabric that popped on the quilt so my intention was always to make another round or square.

My friend S. over at Thoughts From Mill Street sent me the Exploding Pineapple pattern some time ago.  I decided to give it a try and in an afternoon this came together using a small pillow form.  I believe this is a much better compliment to the quilt.

L. is back at UT for his junior year and that seems to be the motivation for getting the sewing room up to full speed.  Already in mind for the holidays; I like to cover the couch pillows in decorative fabric and there is a 'hidden zipper' tutorial to try with the fall material.  As well, Elysium has a wonderful, free Good Deeds dress pattern for small girls I want to get started on.

With Fall at our doorstep what is on your mind?

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