Friday, July 19, 2013

I Was Thinking of You....

Working with fabric is a panacea for me.  Handling fabric through cutting and sewing is an activity that puts me in a place where the cares of the day fall away.

D. bought me my first sewing machine early in our marriage because I wanted to try my hand at making clothes.  I took a couple of sewing classes and although I could follow the patterns accurately I don't possess that spark of craftsmanship that keeps a garment from looking....well, homemade.

I tend towards projects that allow me the pleasure of creating, doesn't require a fitting and is forgiving with mistakes.  Quilts are particularly satisfying because the outcome always looks good.

After my sad attempt at clothes the machine didn't come out of the closet too often.  When it did, even when L. was young and in the smallest of apartments, I would piece a quilt.

L. leaving for college, my sister sending me her serger, a room available to pull everything out and leave it out and a friend supplying wonderful fabrics has sent me into sewing overdrive.

The informational treasure trove available on the Web has provided most of the inspiration.  A variety of quilts led to little
dresses and then back to this adorable quilt.  The pattern, (the cat and dog will eventually be made), was discovered on a Pinterest page.  Heading over to Simplicity I discovered it was out of print (no longer available in stores) but could be ordered online.

In the midst of putting this charming bear together my next project was discovered. Paper Piecing, a method for making intricate patterns on quilt squares.  It explains and offers an easier method for creative piecing that strikes a cord in the pseudo-craftsman that lives within me.

What to put this interesting quilt square on?  Back to the Net to surf sewing websites I stumble across a 'Bag Swap'.  A wonderful world of various homemade shopping bags and many had incorporated a block that was paper pieced.  A perfect next project.

Having been asked more than once, "What are you doing with all these things,"  had me thinking, 'what am I going to do with all this stuff?'

Initially, they were for L. or my own use.  The kids clothes had no particular purpose other than my desire to try my hand at the patterns and I would teasingly say they were for my grandchildren (no pressure L.!)  D. came up with the best answer and I now say, "These things are going into my Grandmother's Hope Chest." This gives my sewing a purpose and encourages me towards better craftsmanship.

While sewing I imagined snuggling my grandchild in my arms, wrapped in this bear and what I will tell about making it for them at a time when they weren't even a twinkle in their Daddy's eye.

I will say, "While I was sewing this bear, way back then, I was thinking of you."


  1. There is something so relaxing about handling fabric. I have made lots of small quilts and wall hangings in my day and I love making things for my I know what you are saying....

    You keep making those sweet baby things and one day you will hold your grandchild all snuggled up in love made from your heart...

  2. The bear is adorable. Another great project.
    I just finished a large tote bag/purse for my dil's birthday. Also helped oldest granddaughter make a reversible sundress for her American girl doll.
    I have a 1922 singer portable sewing machine that Russ bought at a rummage sale two years ago. At some point, it had been electrified. Originally, it had a hand crank. I located someone outside Montello who will remove the motor and attach a new handcrank. I am excited about that. Even a power outage, i will be able to sew. I also think it will work well when sewing with the younger grandchildren. No footpedal to deal with!

  3. So cute - and you are so creative! I like that idea, "Grandmother's Hope Chest". I am sure you will store all sorts of goodies there. :)

  4. My sewing skills are limited, although I've done a few quilt squares. You are so blessed to have such talent, and I love the idea of a Grandmother's hope chest. The pix of the momma bear and the baby bear is so sweet.

  5. That is so adorable! I love quilted items--tried my hand at it for a few years and then in Florida stopped doing it. You are very talented indeed and your future grandchild will adore you for thinking of them already!