Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Am Not the First Nor Will I Be the Last

Your unique insight into a common experience makes that experience a one and only, personal high/low, emotional tornado that you alone live through . . . along with everyone else.

D. and I joined thousands of other parents as we moved our student into his new home, in the dorm, for the next school year . . ., nine months . . ., six hours . . , away.

Although my anticipation for the weekend was one of dread the move-in went very smoothly.  The staff at the dorm facility was well versed, well organized and well placed throughout the building to move the dolly's, boxes and bodies along.  This was not their first rodeo.

The area meant to accommodate two, full grown, young men and their; computers, multiple screens, guitars, speakers, clothes, electronics and personal items is small but adequate.  Math classes were put to the test as measurements were taken, schematics were drawn and redrawn, furniture moved and moved again.  The final configuration given approval by both parties, beds made, computers set up and clothes hung.  Home sweet home.

One more meal together, pictures taken and a final hug that has to last me until Parent's Weekend.

There's nothing left but to represent.

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  1. I remember taking my daughter to college and crying half way home. Sad but a great step for them! I would love to meet up with you some day when you visit there! Give me a chance to get settled and we will!!!

  2. Terri, whenever you are ready, let me know and we'll make a date. I will take every opportunity I can to visit Austin.

  3. I did not cry until I had been home 2 days, then lost it in my boss' kitchen while his daughter was packing for college - FULL ON BAWLING! I am trying to keep it together so he doesn't get homesick (or think his mother is a nut!)!

  4. Welcome Longhorn...although none of ours have gone to UT,(we are UNT parents) our family has multiple generations...hubby marched in the Longhorn band..etc. etc.
    May this be a wonderful year for all. Enjoy visiting Austin and all the UT activities...I remember them all so well back in the day.