Friday, August 12, 2011

Bring On the Rain

We have been in drought conditions for the summer here in the Panhandle of Texas.  I know many others have also been suffering under the extreme heat.  Our backyard looks distressed from it's lovely condition when I posted a Spring Teaser

Tonight we FINALLY got some rain and that is worth sharing.  Praying the weather where you are is what you need.


  1. Glad you got some rain! We need it here too, but not as much as you do. Praying for a good weather balance for fall.

  2. Thanks, Sally.
    It rained here is Missouri today for a bit, which was welcomed.

  3. Sally,
    We have been getting rain for several days on and off and it's wonderful.
    I hope you get lots soon....

    Have a wonderful week...

  4. May we all have was wonderful, yet so short...the land soaked it up so fast! I am praying for a rainy fall...the plants so need it, the leaves are falling from heat and lack of water, not because of fall.