Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Teaser 2011

Today was #5 in a string of beautiful spring days.  It has reached 80 degrees.  That's technically summer weather but hitting those temps in March I consider it just darn nice.  D. and I have made good use of the opportunity to clean up the flower and garden beds, lay down the pre-emergent and trim, trim, trim. 

Smelling the freshly turned earth and wiping the sweat off my brow I thought of all my family and friends still under a sheet of snow or blanket of cold. 

In your honor I have soaked up this wonderful day to pass along to you.  Enjoy a glimpse of warm things to come.


  1. Enjoy your warm weather-- I am here too except for the pollen. I wait for June 1st to sit out again when it rains and washes it away:)

  2. Spring is not far away, nor is summer! Soaking up the sunshine...:)

  3. We are jealous! Our spring looks a lot like our winter and I don't dare plant too many things until the night temps get above forties. We have two seasons here, wet and dry.

  4. The weather continues to be warm and inviting but we sure could use some rain. Thanks for stopping by Karen and Rosaria!