Saturday, August 6, 2011


I love words; reading them and writing them, molding them to pass information or to be funny or to convey the wonder of a moment.  I love using words to share wisdom, spread joy or cause a smile.

I also love reading the creative use of words others have crafted including, but not limited to; greeting cards, novels, articles, jokes, a text or a tweet.  I especially love the creativity of personal notes that string together common alphabetic characters resulting in wordsmith magic. 

Receiving a personal note in the mail is a true treasure.  Mailing a personal letter is now considered using 'snail mail' and is fast becoming obsolete, being usurped by e-mail.  I am of an age to have mailed many messages and received enough to have a collection of envelopes with stamps.  I believe that now, a stamped letter in the box creates it's own bit of magic.

Texting and tweeting is the current mode of word transportation.  The popularity of these electronic messaging systems has opened up the world of wordsmithing in under 50 characters.  I love texting and embrace it wholeheartedly but that does not diminish my appreciation for the short, but oh so poignant, message found on the floral card.

What adults heart does not melt at the receipt of a home-made sentiment from a child?

Recently my son graduated from high school and he received many messages in the time honored manner of Graduation Cards.  Friends and relatives penned kind and encouraging words about this milestone in his life.  Giving cards provides the opportunity to pen a message with particular elegance or meaning.  Uncle R. penned a thoughtful expression that is timeless and appropriate, not only for L, but for us all. 

"Always remember your high calling; love God, love others and find a way in your education process to serve the world."

Have you received, or possibly penned, a particularly elegant and meaningful message you can share? 

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  1. There are so many ways we can express ourselves these days. Even so, a hand written note or heartfelt card is my favorite. :)

  2. Yes, and Yes...and the treasures I have from words written through the years is priceless....and oh the graduations one the dearest.
    I recently found a letter written to my oldest from his great grandmother, who is now in heaven...her handwriting in her late 70's was a piece of art.

    I have recently gone back to sending cards...not email or text. I hope the receiver gets a joy out of my efforts.

    What little child isn't still excited from something in the mail?

    Oh hope you enjoy your hair cut...or find something that works