Saturday, December 3, 2011

Empty Nesting Quilt #3

#2 Christmas for D.
As of August, when our only son went off to college, I have been channeling my empty nest emotions through a creative outlet, quilting, (more piecing than actual quilting).  The first two were t-shirt quilts made from his High School tees and tees from K-8.

This fabric is the outside frame
This third quilt is a Christmas gift for my husband D. and is more traditional.  The squares have an applique made from remnants of Christmas fabric originally purchased to make pajamas for L. when he was small. 

#1 Christmas, 2001 for L.
Math has always been a bit of a challenge therefore there are plenty of the same scraps allowing for two quilts made from the same Christmas fabric.  

For convenience and ease of sewing I generally buy a flat sheet, (queen size for this), as backing but single sheets, outside of a set, are becoming increasingly difficult to find.  This is even more challenging when seeking a particular color.  Back to the trusty fabric store, a bit more sewing, an extra touch at the top and the backing is in place.

This quilt took much longer than the T-Shirt quilts and it seemed I was running out of steam.  Perhaps it was time to store the machines, (thank you #1 sister, J. for the serger) until my #2 sister, J., tickled my ears with the idea of the Quilt-As-You-Go method.  I like the idea of quilting but realize I don't have the patience for it.  This method, aptly demonstrated here, is very intresting and, I've decided, worth a try.  Stay tuned for #4.


  1. This is are using that energy so productively. My mother started quilting years after we left...she has made up to 30 a year for cancer patients...she now has whole rooms in her house dedicated to quilting and has a quilting club at her house.

    Now you have inspired...I have a quilt pattern for what I want to be my grand children's quilt for when they is Sunday School Songs

    Keep it are doing great work

  2. Girl, I am so proud of you.....these will be cherished forever....

    I have quilted in the past and I too don't have the attention span for full size quilts so I stick to wallhangings...They give me the same feel as quilting but don't take as soon....I love the Tshirt quilts too....

    Have a good week....

  3. I'm impressed by anyone who can quilt. It's an art form.

  4. Sally, these are wonderful! You are inspiring! I haven't done any sewing projects in a while. I may have to get a project going soon. :) Good thing to try when I am stuck with writing, right? lol

  5. Love the quilts.



  6. Those t-shirt quilts are really neat. I could see that being a business. . .

  7. Beautiful quilts!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting on Melissa's guest post.

  8. Wow--they are awesome! I used to quilt but never made a huge full-sized one for a bed. It got so that my eyes couldn't see to thread the needle once I had Lasik done so that was the end of that!