Friday, December 23, 2011

Thankless Jobs Recognized

The holiday season brings out the Salvation Army bell ringers.  Varied souls take on this job for various reasons. 

A fellow co-worker and I were stopping at Hobby Lobby this week and he shared with me that one of the most overlooked workers is the bell ringer.  It was reported how people ignore them, look past them, avoid them and so he was making a point to recognize these workers by greeting each one he passed.

Being a bell ringer and asking for money from the general public is a thankless job.  I will admit to not making eye contact in order to ease the guilt for not putting money in their bucket.  C's comments made me rethink my actions.  Since that afternoon I've greeted every bell ringer receiving some surprised, but enthusiastic, responses.

This brings to mind another thankless job.  Just west of Dickens  and east of Crosbyton is a treasure appreciated by many a traveler; a spectacularly clean rest area/restroom. 

We make a point of stopping at this well tended rest area because it is SO clean.  It is maintained by a company out of TN but I know it is a local individual who is doing an outstanding job.

Cleaning restrooms and picking up after the general public is a thankless job.  I want to recognize those in charge of this rest stop.

What thankless jobs would you like to recognize?

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  1. Oh yes! How about the folks in soup kitchens, community pantries, just to start.
    Thanks for this thoughtful post, and may the joy of Christmas be with you throughout the year.

  2. There are two immaculate rest stops in Wisconsin--I am always impressed with the staff. And a shout-out to garbage collectors who make their rounds and keep us tidy, phone receptionists who answer questions in good humor, city workers who get the budgets balanced and run invisible infrastructures.

  3. Amen...oh those rest areas are so important on trips. As for the bell ringers...we had one this year and she was singing...yes singing the whole time...I was so blessed and thought what special people they are to take their time to do just that.
    May I always remember to say thank you and give a smile of appreciation.

  4. What a nice post...I agree that these volunteers in soup kitchens need to be thanked as well as any other similar jobs.

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