Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Kitchen Triathalon

My husband, D., is a cook.  In his early life he initially wanted to own his own restaurant.  He was actively working toward that goal when I was hired to work at the restaurant he was managing.  Our relationship works very well as I don't mind cleaning up.  I share this to say D. cooks frequently therefore I am well versed in kitchen clean up.

Being a contender in the clean up division I find the Thanksgiving meal to be the triathlon of clean ups.  Ours was a quiet celebration with only four in attendance so we had a small menu and made plans to enjoy it at the mid-meal.  Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry relish, rolls and a cherry pie for dessert.  Of the seven items listed only two were not pre-prepared.  Why, I wondered, were we in the kitchen all day?

The Thanksgiving meal, large or small, appears to require more hours and more kitchen tools to prepare, serve and clean up than any other meal.  We put the turkey in the oven at 9:00am and I was not out of the kitchen for more than a 30 minute stretch until the final wipe down was performed (with a Norwex rag) at 3:30pm. 
My Thanksgiving table.
I will give that I don't use paper goods.  We've eaten on the china since my son came home from elementary school and asked if we had any china.  When I said, yes, and wanted to know why he replied, "Cause my teacher said they only use their china when someone dies."

The good thing about Thanksgiving clean up is there are, generally, more hands to make the job go quickly.  I had the best time storing left overs, drying and putting away dishes in the midst of setting the kitchen to rights while my son, home from college, stood at the sink, elbow deep in dishwater and continued to wash all I put in the water until we were done.  We chatted and laughed and enjoyed each other's company, and the chore was no more.

Example of D.'s artful carving.
It was a wonderful day to enjoy food, family and a day spent together in thankfulness for all our blessings.  I pray your Thanksgiving day was as special.

Were you part of the cooking team or the cleaning team at your Thanksgiving feast?


  1. Sally, I'm sure it was a wonderful day at the Bishop house with delicious food! I was on both crews but didn't have to do as much on clean up thanks to K4. K3 didn't do his usual stuff because he felt the worst. K4 did things that he could sit down and do, mash potatoes, tear bread into pieces, and such. The girls were at their house making cookies and pie so we missed having the whole family in the kitchen as usual. We played Buzz word together and Dad and the girls won by 1 or 2 points. Then we watched "You've Got Mail" with all the kids crammed on the couch together, in birth order :) though not on purpose, dancing while sitting to the songs! It was delightful! :)
    I'm glad you all had a great day!
    Love and hugs to you all!

  2. THere's a great new tradition at my mother-in-law's--the men clean. The women made all the food and kick back with pie and kids and drinks while they clean up!

  3. So glad your Thanksgiving went well and you enjoyed the visit with your glad he is adjusting and enjoying Austin. Did y'all watch the game?

    This year we had a smaller group than usually...we only had 8. I agree it is so funny how much kitchen time it takes for one meal...and even with all the helping hands it does take up most of the day, but so does Christmas meals!! LOL

  4. I actually really enjoy putting the leftovers in little plastic containers. There's something very satisfying about it!

  5. Well I am so jealous that your husband cooks! mine warms pizza and that's it:)
    We had just the two of us for the day so we made only stuffing, potatoes, gravy baked corn and rolls. No turkey! I did miss it but we wouldn't be able to do it justice.

  6. So glad your day went well! I am a part of the cooking and clean up team. My daughter and daughter in law help with both too, so our many hands do make light work! :)

    Happy weekend!