Friday, November 11, 2011

The Holiday Season Begins with Coffee and the Friday Forum

Each week, in our small office, the Friday Forum meets to enjoy a speciality coffee and tasty treats. Often we give our opinions on new food products.  You can find our previous blogs here.

With so many holiday flavored creamers available it is hard to decide which ones to taste.  Coffee Mate is a front runner with multiple varieties.  We have tried: Warm Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread, Eggnog, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice.

Flavored coffees were put aside but we did not forsake good coffee blends.  Starbucks Kenyan blend, Pete's Arriba coffee beans and an office favorite, Magnolia blend from Trianon Coffee in Austin, have been brewed.

Two Snyder pretzels varieties, our test products, were evaluated: York Peppermint Chocolate Pretzel Sandwich, and Milk Chocolate Pretzel Dips.  On this November Friday E. also provided a lovely spread of Philadelphia cream cheese and crackers, pumpkin muffins, and fruit.

M. out front, who provided our pretzel samples, said, "The cream cheese spread had a great blend of veggies that complement any cracker. We also enjoyed the Snyder’s pretzels dipped in Hershey’s chocolate and the York Peppermint pretzel was the hit of the day. I think everyone enjoyed it the most."

N. gives these reviews:
"coffee – delicious!
Sugar Cookie Creamer – delicious!
Gingerbread Creamer – pretty good, not as good as sugar cookie.
Snyder’s peppermint chocolate pretzels – so good! It’s like a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie
Snyder’s Hershey’s chocolate pretzels – very yummy and potentially addictive
Thanks to E. for the lovely and tasty spread of cookies, muffins, fruit, crackers, and cream cheese spread! She gets an A+ for both presentation and taste."

This Friday C. provided great kolaches and donuts from Daylight Donuts along with a wonderful Amish coffee cake made by E., our own in-house pastry chef.

M., out front, had these thoughts, "I absolutely loved the magnolia blend coffee. I also put in the warm sugar cookie creamer and it tasted even better. The warm kolaches were fantastic as well as our conversations of family and face book irritations!"

M. agreed, "Coffee was delish as usual and we never seem to lack a tasty treat, but I am sure it is the conversation and gathering that makes everything even better."

Here's hoping your office is a warm and friendly place to celebrate and enjoy the holidays.  From our office to you: Season's Greetings! 
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  1. I like your office! You run tests like these all the time?

  2. I visited here yesterday but my comment didn't stick!! Ugh. Anyways--just wanted to say how blessed you are to work in this environment!

  3. What a great thing--taste testing like that!

  4. Sounds like fun to me....I don't drink coffee, one of those weird people, but I am going to pass on your results to my buddies to do....

    Happy Thanksgiving....