Friday, September 30, 2011

A September Friday With the Forum

The office has been meeting on Friday's, enjoying speciality coffees for over a year.  In June we developed the Forum, choosing the mission of taste testing new products.  Our Friday Forum posts have been among the most visited.  In the past week there have been a slew of visitors, from Europe, across all the Friday posts.  We welcome anyone who enjoys a fun group, drinking beverages or eating to join us in our mission.  Leave a comment for us to share on Friday.

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Friday Forum Catch Up   

 Here's what we've been tasting and thinking.

We worked through the H.E.B. Cafe Ole coffees I purchased on my last trip to Austin.  We finished with Texas Pecan, which M., in the middle, declared was her favorite of the bunch.  There are a couple more varieties left to try and I will be in Austin soon to make those purchases.

With the Texas Pecan V. provided three new varieties of Snyder and Rolled Gold pretzels.  Several of us agreed with V. who weighed in with this comment, "SNYDER’s Pumpernickel and Onion Pretzels should be provided by the state as a nutritional staple!"  We all wrinkled our nose at the sound of this flavor but it proved to be down right tasty.

Today's coffee has been a standard but N added, "
If I were Consumer Reports, I would rank today’s Eight O’ Clock Vanilla Bean coffee as a ‘best buy’. Really smooth and delicious – no flavored creamer needed to have a great vanilla taste!"

M., out front, thought, "The coffee today was Vanilla Bean and was fantastic! Went down smooth. We nibbled on candy corn, granola and kolache’.  I had never heard of kolache until we moved to Texas so I naturally thought it was a Texan thing, however I was incorrect. I googled it and found out that it originated from the Czech region. Either way, I ate one too many and they were delicious."

E was in agreement, "The kolache's were tasty! I loved the bread, warm and chewy!"

If you have a favorite treat, snack or coffee let us know, we'd like to give it a try. 
Here's hoping your Friday was a tasty one.

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  1. We don't have HEB here in the DFW yet..but grew up with them. This is a fun post even if I am not a coffee fun.

    Yes God is our generation and to the next.

    I hope your son is doing great in classes in Austin and you all are enjoying this new season of life.