Friday, July 8, 2011

Taste of Texas Brewing. It Must be Friday

A shout out to our friend R. over at W. for suggesting A Taste of Texas San Antonio blend coffee.  It is a house blend for H.E.B. from their Taste of Texas line.  We had a bit of a problem as H.E.B. has no location here, but we were not dismayed.  C. was in San Antonio for a convention and came home with the goods.  THUMBS UP all around for this festive grind.

The tasty treats were in abundance as N. baked up delicious muffins accompanied by summer fresh strawberries.  V. did not disappoint on the new product front. Cremesicle Oreos and Special K Crisps. The Special K Crisps were approved by everyone. The Oreos didn't seem to have much orange flavor, a big NO from M. but V. thought the taste might have been lost in the coffee and liked them much better later in the afternoon.

The Taste of Texas opens a whole new world of coffee for our Friday Forum.  Is there something you think we should try?

Pictures by:
hebshopping .com


  1. Cremesicle Oreos? I think I'm in! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. If you try them, Karen, let me know what you think. Hope your weekend is great.

  3. Hmm.... A coffee suggestion!? I'm going to have to check it out.

  4. I just like coffee, plain and simple, with no flavors added, most of the time.
    Hope your weather begins to be cooperative for you.
    I just notice Peace Like a River in your book favorites. When I first read it, I couldn't stop recommending it to everyone I met. It's truly lyrical.

  5. Coffee, straight up and black! Love it in my Kuerig! Enjoy it - anything from Texas has to be good! -haha-

  6. Vanilla: We like Kuerig, we've done their coconut and blueberry, both with good reviews.