Saturday, September 24, 2011

Treasures of the Heart #3

We are five weeks into the empty nest.  The Empty Nest Syndrome (ENS) has taken shape, for me, in quilting.  I've finished one, will finish another this weekend and have bought new tools to work on another.  

My Treasures of the Heart originated through Luke 2:51#1 and #2 explains.

Entry: 4/21/2005
Cleaning up papers brought home from 3rd quarter projects of 6th grade.  There was a blue construction paper star with TRUTH on one side and LIES on the other.  It says this:

Lies, the dark moldy infestation of Earth
They look like peacefulness of a hidden trap
They smell like the sour-sweetness of something rotting
It feels like the wet, slick feel of a leech
It tastes like old peanuts
It sounds like a scream

Truth, the bright, warm thing that cures the infestation
It looks like a bright star in the middle of the night
It smells like spring
It feels like a warm blanket
It tastes like moist chocolate brownies
It sounds like people cheering

L. is doing very well at school. D and I are keeping each other entertained but we'll have a nice set of quilts before the ENS subsides.
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  1. Hugs, hugs as you continue to adjust to this new will be Thanksgiving before you know it and he will be home with dirty laundry...LOL

    I hope you are going down for one of the games...another McCoy is leading the pack...what an awesome Christian family and football players

    Really blessings...each change is so different with it mixed blessings and emotions

  2. Always nice to have something to focus on. Glad you are making the transition productive! Keep taking notes, okay? :)

    Happy weekend!