Friday, November 4, 2011

Dating & Mating #8: Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

No matter how much it is said, "Don't judge a book by its cover" it will be.  We judge most things, initially, by how they appear.  Knowing this it makes sense to encourage everyone to look their best but a quick glance around and it is apparent that that advice falls on deaf ears. 

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Today I want to talk about hair; a point of contention for many and a page one issue when dealing with our 'look'.  It is safe to say most people like what they don't have, i.e. thick hair wants sleek (not considering sleek is usually thin and/or oily), thin hair wants thick (dry, heavy, unmanageable) straight wants curly (kinky, unruly, frizzy) and so on.

I, like so many, am on a continual quest to find that perfect hairstyle.  That one that fits the shape of my face (heart, oval, square) along with the right products (de-frizz, conditioner, mousse, gel, Clairol) to make my thick and wavy, dishwater blond, mop to look good.

Without the right products on a windy,
humid day my hair is unruly:

Tightening up the waves was
an idea, but even in the 70's
it wasn't the look for me.

Technology allows us to obtain the opposite of what we have.
With the help of a straightening iron I reached sleek and straight.
When your family is used to one way . . . not!

Today, 50 years in with the same hair, I return to the salon hoping the beautician (now there's an old word), may have the skill to produce exactly what I think I want, to look my best.

What I need to do is accept that my hair is a reflection of my personality and/or my feelings at any given point in my life, or moment in the day.  Because it is so easily changed let us join together in solidarity and not try to find that perfect style but rather embrace our hair type and what it has to say about us.

If we are to be judged, let us be judged truly.


  1. Ah wisdom!
    Yes, let's accept all we are, freckles and all, working only at maintaining our health and our welfare, not our enhanced selfishness.

  2. Oh my, you too huh? I have been on the perfect hairstyle quest for as long as I can remember! I think I've accepted that I may never find it; but I was hoping for a happy compromise. Most days I am still looking for that..:)

  3. Hair...the crowning glory of any woman. Every time I go to get my hair cut, I realize that I am after a style that my hair is not going to be able to pull off. If it requires a curling iron, special brush or foil - I won't do it at home. I have recently made the choice to do natural...GRAY...will will see how that goes.