Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bug Bites Gone

Ta-Da!  The completed Raw Edge quilt; #6 since August 2011.  I have been a regular cottage industry on the sewing machines since L. left for college

The high school and elementary t-shirt quilts were quick and easy.  Those were the only sewing projects I intended to do, at the start, but the sewing bug bit.  I pulled out my over abundance of Christmas fabric scraps and went to work.

While surfing the web I hit on the quilt-as-you-go method and had enough various and sundry scraps to give it a try.  I didn't enjoy the piecing of this particular pattern that much but I do like quilting as you go.  I ordered a walking foot and while waiting for it to arrive I dug into the scrap bin and whipped together a child's blanket.

Before I started the quilt-as-you-go a good friend and quilting buddy gave me a bag of minkee scraps. It was a fortunate gift as it allowed me to turn out 3 children's blankets for a family reunion auction.  The same continuous family reunion that the t-shirts for the first t-shirt quilt were made from.

In the  midst of all the sewing this pillow pattern was too cute and too easy not to try.

At the end of the quilt-as-you-go, children's blankets and pillow it would seem I had run out of steam when my friend again gave me some really nice scraps.  The Raw Edge quilt pattern seemed perfect . . . the machines began to hum.

So now the needles have gone quiet and L. is due home for Thanksgiving break on Tuesday.  I've packed up the machines and cleaned up the 'sewing room' returning it to an office.  I'm moving my attention to a list of minor repair projects around the house.  I can't imagine the sewing machines won't start up again but I'll wait for the sewing bug to bite again.

What bugs bite you?


  1. I will also need to clean up the sewing area before Thanksgiving. We just got back from our cabin up north - a 4 day trip. Russ took along his bass guitar to learn some new choir music he will be accompanying and I took along 1 sewing machine and some scraps. Also worked on making flannel pj bottoms for the grandkids for the holidays.
    Enjoy your time with family.

  2. Look at you..well I have been back on the sewing machine re-upholstering a chair...then also painting....I enjoy the bug bites, they keep me sane.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!

    Well go Horns..the first year without an A&M game how sad..instead TCU,