Saturday, April 14, 2012

Body Tune-Up

January of 2010 D's employer embarked on a wellness program.  At start up every participating employee was given 17 sessions with Weight Watchers plus multiple other incentives to make healthy lifestyle choices.  D. led his campus, and our family, through those 17 weeks with much success. 

We have continued with the wellness program taking advantage of the monetary incentives earned by participating in tasks that direct us towards better health.

Along with all the information provided we have made our own discoveries that have helped in our personal journey. 

Achieving your personal weight loss is a time for celebration and deserves recognition.  Even as we struggled to remain steadfast in our efforts it was helpful when others recognized the loss and were affirming and encouraging.

Both D. and I believe that the toughest part of our wellness program is maintenance.  The initial kickoff and anticipation of embarking on a challenge with co-workers is long past.  Many of us reached our goals and incentives remain in place but the program, and all those involved, have moved to maintenance mode.

The excitement has waned and we no longer check each other's progress or encourage each other along.  I'm afraid to bring it up.  I've gained some weight back, as have others and who wants to be asked to admit it?  We realize it is time for a body tune-up, a Weight Watchers refresher. 

D. and I both put some weight back on and are going back to the basics to lose it before our determination turns to complacency.  We have gone back to WW Points Plus but we restart well informed which makes this experience somewhat different than the first time. 

A new discovery is a blog with tasty 'lightened'  recipes.  Emily Bites offers up reduced calorie recipes we find simple to make, enjoyable to eat and easy to plug into our wellness program.

To all those who are reaching for a better, healthier lifestyle I encourage you to; keep up the good work, don't get discouraged, continue to keep trying. 

What great tips have you discovered?

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  1. Ah, if it were easy, we would all be our ideal self! Hang in there. Every day is new beginning!

  2. I started back on Weight Watchers in February and have lost 20 lbs since then. Something that I have learned is to not deprive yourself of something you really enjoy. I love sweets and desserts and tea parties, so something I do at the end of the day is fix a cup of tea, cut up some fruit and have a few cookies or chocolate. And I get the good cookies like Pepridge Farm - that way it's so much more enjoyable. The tea and fruit are free, I count the cookies and stay within my points. Instead of cutting something you really like out of your diet altogther isn't the way to go. Have a little bit of the real thing and your journey to health will be so much fun!

  3. My husband and I have enjoyed our shared workouts through the winter months. We'd never done that before, and since neither of us was running then, it helped a lot to take that 25 mins. or so and do it together. It was good for us, outside and inside.

    Carry on, my friend! I admire you and your initiative!

  4. Oh great encouragement..and yea! for you both and doing it together. I started this year and I am learning to make it a life habit...even if I have a lot more weight to lose, I have still lost 14 pounds, but my attitude has changed. I need to do WW and see if it will help me finish running the race...I do enjoy that my clothes fit better...but I am hoping for a smaller size! LOL