Friday, February 6, 2009

Dating & Mating #2 - Judging a Book By Its Cover

The saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.” This is wise advice because what is outside may not be a good representation of what is inside and yet this saying exists because WE DO judge the whole by what we SEE. This is very true of how we dress. Our clothing; the lack of it, the quantity of it, the style of it, the care of it speaks volumes. NOTICE: People come to the time when they want to be noticed positively at different times in their lives. If you are not there yet go ahead and read on you can file the information for when the time is right.

Here are some tips on how to give positive notice.

Everyone – We swim in a sea of black, white or tan. These colors are neutrals and have a place in every wardrobe but if you want to be noticed discover COLOR. Colors are separated between spring and summer or warm and cool. Colors with a yellow base are warm and colors with a blue base are cool. Individuals will look better in one or the other. Finding the color that compliments you makes a striking difference and will get you noticed. GET A HAIR STYLE. The length makes no difference, what this means is get a cut with some shape, use products such as gel, mousse, paste, de-frizzes , shine enhancer and/or a hair dryer, curling iron/brush, flat iron or hot rollers.

Guys- The age of internet allows no one the excuse, “I didn’t know.” On your laptop, in a quiet corner of the coffee bar watch episodes of, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” If you are ready to get noticed follow any of their tips. You don’t need a new wardrobe if you train your eye for the cut that works best for your body type and have clothes that fit. NO MATTER what your size you can look good and get noticed. If you need help shopping take a female (or a male friend who understands style) that you trust. Your mother is good if she has style but otherwise pass her up (this includes a girl you want to impress) because you’ll purchase to please them versus being honest with your opinion. Essentials for you include jackets; leather, corduroy and tweed, etc. Shoes that include, but are not limited to, tennis type shoes. Shirts that have collars and button up and include some natural fibers.

Girls- If you are not a fan of “What Not To Wear”, (available on the internet) become one. They do an excellent job of training your eye to find the style and cut that will showcase ANY body style. I speak from experience. Some standards for the woman who wants to be noticed: learn to use jewelry and shoes successfully as accessories. You don’t need the $5000 new wardrobe. Comb through your current closet and then add with sale items. Never pass up a shoe sale (I used to have 6 pairs of shoes, blue, black, off white in both flats and pumps..period.) Heels make us walk with confidence. Start small if heels intimidate you but they make our back side and walk worth looking at. Use make up and use it correctly. (#1 mistake) Wear the cut of jean that flatters your body. If it fits it will be as comfortable as your ratty jeans and you’ll be noticed.

The Psychology- When we think we look good we carry an air of confidence that is attractive. When we don’t know how to dress our body style we often hide behind the attitude of, “If they don’t like me as I am that’s their problem,” what we show is that we don’t like ourselves….and that is unattractive. Look good for yourself. It takes a bit more time in the morning but once you learn how easy it is to do with the proper tools you’ll be confident and others will notice that confidence.

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