Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Movie Review - Henry Poole Was Here

“Henry Poole Was Here” is not a blockbuster movie. It is a formula romance with a twist of faith. It is a heartwarming tale of love and faith found in the midst of fear and heartache.

For those who want to be released from their world and entertained for two hours this is not the movie. If you want to glimpse the day to day search for human interaction within the struggle to understand and grasp the concept of faith this is an hour and a half well spent.

“Henry Poole” is a good date movie that offers much for discussion. Can we detach ourselves from life? Do we possess an instinctive drive for human interaction? What does “hope” bring to the human spirit? What are the seeds that generate faith and belief? What is the advantage to choosing not to believe?

The characters are strong , well constructed, believable and well played. I am particularly drawn to faith based movies that are thought provoking. I would recommend it to any who enjoys a good story well told.

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  1. I agree completely. The pacing of the movie is akward at times but I believe it is part of the character development of Henry Poole. The pacing creates a feeling in the viewer that interacts with the character of Poole.