Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine Gift Tips

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for those who are still undecided about a gift let me give you a few tips.

Guys - Girls don't need a lot of money spent and, contrary to diamond commercials, they are not always expecting expensive jewelry. Just as appreciated, and possibly more memorable, is the unexpected. The sacker at the grocery said he was taking his girl to McDonalds because she said she didn't care. This is fine but do the unexpected by bringing valentine cookies or cupcakes for dessert. Girls like the entire array of valentine knick knacks such as the red and heart decorated or shaped things that are found in every Wal-Mart or Walgreens. Put together school supplies like a heart pencil, pens and a notebook; give her a picture of yourself or you together in a heart shaped frame, buy a Valentine stuffed animal and attach a personal note, a Valentine card (always appropriate) with a note setting a date for coffee or a movie. These small unexpected gestures, (doing something small is better than nothing at all) can be more memorable than the routine but expensive gifts.

Girls – Most guys are not into the Valentine knick knacks, or anything that decorates (some team items excepted) so don’t waste your money and then be disappointed at his lack of enthusiasm. Women often make the mistake of giving gifts THEY would like and for a girlfriend or your mother that works. The memorable gift for men takes observance and tuning in to what they enjoy. If he is a gamer a subscription to Game Informer, the latest game for his system (chances are he was talking about it with his friends) or gift certificate to Game Stop. If there is a sport that he enjoys (even if you don’t) get him tickets and let him take a friend. A favorite team, get him a team shirt or other team embossed paraphernalia. The only acceptable gift for you/for him is lingerie. Girls often like this idea but are not committed to the continual gift giving this implies and will generate. Using this as a “teaser” gift is inconsiderate and harmful to a relationship. I highly recommend this only to the MARRIED girls who are buying lingerie with a full understanding and commitment to the gift. (I’ll provide further insight to this topic for those who inquire.)

For Everyone – Quality time is a perfect gift but it takes a mature and thoughtful giver. Think of your Valentine and the things they like to do. If you roll your eyes at the thought of some activities and think, ‘I so don’t understand their interest.’ This is a great quality time gift. In any relationship for a giver to participate in an activity, willingly and with enthusiasm, that does not necessarily interest them for the enjoyment of another is truly an expression of God’s love and theirs. If you cannot give willingly and enthusiastically of yourself skip this idea, it will be a disaster.

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