Friday, March 16, 2012

Your Dynamic Style, Right On Target

Fashionista is not a word I would use to describe myself but I do like to look nice and dress to my best advantage.  In a continual quest towards life-long learning I've made efforts to educate myself on fashion and it's many facets. 
Advertisers are not good fashion advisers as their intent is to sell merchandise, whether it looks good on you or not.  With this in mind a "good job" shout out goes to Target for their latest 'color changes everything' campaign.  This quick advertising spot does a great job of showing the dynamic difference color can make on anything. 

Another good example, specifically for clothes, is in the opening credits of "What Not To Wear" (those seeking an education in fashion, you need to make this a favorite) provides a great demonstration of going from drab to dynamic, with color. 

This opening sequence took me to the store for my son.  Warm, summer tones are 'his' color.  I learned that the right scarf would help his leather jacket go from a good look to a better look.  Notice, along with the scarf, his shirt is also a warm color.  Color makes a dynamic difference.

I applaud Target for their entertaining, educational commercial and I encourage those who find themselves fashion challenged to pay attention. 

When choosing your outfit pick a piece that you like, combine with a piece that you love, then add two choices of bling (purse, shoes, jewelry, scarf). In the words of What Not To Wear 'bling squared', will finish an outfit.

A good eye isn't something you buy it's something you learn.  Educate yourself to your color, correct size and fit.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how it takes your look from drab to dynamite. 
What is your favorite piece of bling?

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  1. This isn't 'bling,' but I sure do love my shiny, pewter flip-flops. With the small bow on the top. Being the only girl in a household of men, it falls to me to add the girly perspective. :)

  2. I love a bright pair of shoes or sandals.

  3. I aim to stay current with things, and depend on my daughter (she's 25) to make sure I don't look matronly or anything. :) I love to watch What Not to Wear to see what they say about dressing different body types. Fun post!

  4. I like to keep accessorizing simple buy my accessory of choice is always the earrings - I like the hippie-dangly kind, not little stud things. I like bracelets too, but simple ones. I love What Not to Wear and wish it had been around when I was younger and wanted to wear wide wale corduroys and all sorts of bulky tweedy stuff.

  5. I love What not to Wear but I can't get it anymore now that we dropped cable. Boo hoo. But I saw some fashion advice on a show the other day that said women of smaller stature (me) should use one large piece to compliment outfit--like a necklace or earrings for daytime wear and two items for evening. If you are bigger, you wear two during the day and three at night etc. That kind of advice makes it easier to not overdo it.

  6. Fun post...and shopping with your son, what a joy! Oh I seem to be learning the rules all over again for my age...still haven't gotten a hold of all the "what to do" yet