Friday, April 29, 2011

Grace of the Common People

Perhaps it was just the similar story lines that pricked my interest. 

The Today Show ran a story titled "Cha-ching! Hedge fund managers earned billions in ’10" the story outlined how savvy hedge fund managers made money on their insight to bet on the housing foreclosure disaster.

The same evening the NBC Evening news ran a story titled Pay Soars for CEOs in industries that took financial hits as did most of the employees.

Quietly following the stories about greed ignoring hardship was a story about the family of Matt Howard, the Butler College forward, playing in the final four basketball championship.  Butler player's Pop gets an assist.  His father, a mail carrier, couldn't afford to take the family to see the game so customers on his route gave enough money to make that happen.

On our local station the story "Parent's of Fallen Soldier Get Home Makeover" shared that two churches came together to do essential repairs on the family home of a couple who's son gave his life for his country.
How easy to be jaded and angry about people we don't know, doing things we can hardly believe, in places we are vaguely familiar with.  Take note and look past the headline story, written in explosive prose to catch your attention, and witness the grace of the common people. 

Listen to the stories about individuals like us, in situations similar to our own, reaching out and giving to each other from the heart.

It is happening all around us.  We are a part of it. 
The good, the helpful, the light of Christ shining on humanity.


  1. Oh, so heartwarming! Yes, listen all around you and rejoyce. People are good and generous and will surprise you with their warmth and love. Happy day to you.

  2. I love stories about real people reaching out and helping other real people. I know it happens all the time--just isn't reported as often. I think of the tornado victims this past week and all the people reaching out. Thankful!

  3. Thank you for this reminder! It's so easy to become wrapped up in our own lives. Praying always for the insight and awareness to see needs and actually do something about them.
    Thanks and blessings,