Friday, April 1, 2011

Ted Dekker Blog Tour Stop

Thanks to Deborah over at Books, Movies and Chinese Food for sharing the application to be a stop on Ted Dekker's, The Priest's Graveyard, blog tour.  I did and I am.  April 15th is my day. 

Avid readers will understand the excitement at seeing my complimentary copy of The Priest's Graveyard sitting in my mailbox.  This is my first opportunity to host on a tour and there is a bit of pressure to represent well.  Declaring myself a writer, readers should expect my review to be well-thought out, full of words that indicate I understand the craft and provide a trustworthy opinion of the material.

In reality I intend to try and stay away from the rambling on, over the top, "I'm your biggest fan" type of post.  I'm thrilled to dip my pen in the ink well next to a well-known author much less offer a review of their story.

Thank you to the Ted Dekker team for letting me tag along.

The tour starts on April 8th with the first stop at My Friend Amy's blog.


  1. Looking forward to the review!

  2. I haven't read him in years--glad to see he is still going strong!

  3. Hey Sally? Come bug me to stop back by if I forget, okay? I want to read your review...never heard of this author but with that title, I want to know more.