Friday, April 15, 2011

The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker: A Review

I enjoy Christian fiction.  In the current conundrum surrounding the Christian fiction market my preferences run towards stories from camp #2 (realistic, harder edge) but there are several authors in camp #1  (softer edge) I enjoy.

The Priest's Graveyard falls firmly into camp #2.  The main character is a priest, having witnessed the brutal murder of his mother and sisters, believes he is meteing out God's justice by assassinating evil individuals that prey on the innocent.  In a twist of fate he is joined by a reformed drug addicted prostitute.  After they meet there are two more grisly murders before the twist turns them.  For a couple so perfectly matched how can the situation end in any way other than tragic.

The words within this brief synopsis sit squarely in camp #2; assassinating priest, drug addicted prostitute, grisly murders.  I have read novels that dealt with harsh issues, used a soft brush stroke, and it was a camp #1 story but Ted Dekker is a pioneer for camp #2.  Somehow, somewhere in his career he convinced a publisher that his novels, running a faith theme, dealing with gritty situations and authentic life circumstances, would find a readership and could be lucrative.

Ted Dekker is recognized as a fine author and camp #2 readers will enjoy The Priest's Graveyard, as did I.  It should be pointed out that, here, in the current publishing climate Ted Dekker is forging a path through timid publishers to provide a wider selection of Christian fiction where all readers across the genre can be served.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of reading! Looking forward to a new good book!

  2. Let me know what you think, Julie, Dekker has quite a few books if you like this one.

  3. Hi Sally,
    I just finished THE PRIEST'S GRAVEYARD. You are right about it being edgy. Both main characters were fascinating. I couldn't put it down and was surprised and pleased with the twist at the end.

  4. Do you believe in coincidences? 'Cause I wanted to read your review of this book--and then today, I needed to stop by to let you know you're a winner. :-)

    So, I'm going to add this book to my list of TBR (I also enjoyed your discussion of Christian fiction)AND send me your address, Sally. You're going to LOVE The Literary Ladies!