Friday, May 6, 2011

Awesome Mom Moments

The Today Show highlighted the book Awesome Things, by Neil Pasricha, a book listing the many small things that happen to each of us that brings joy throughout the day.  With Mother's Day this Sunday I thought of the awesome things my mother did throughout my life, growing up, that made my childhood a joy.

Unconditional love.  LaughterBeing there after schoolMaking our house a homePicnicsGoing for car rides and getting a frosty mug of root beer.  Porter Wagoner movies at the Drive-In.  Summer camping tripsSunday chicken dinners and watching football.  Chocolate chip cookies.  Vacations 'up north' on the Deer Skin riverPets, Roxanne and Taffy

My mother, like yours, has her dark side and we each have irritating traits to drive each other batty but just as Pasricha found the joy in the simple, everyday things my Mother made my childhood a joyful memory with the simple things she did everyday.

What awesome moments will you share about your mom?

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  1. The sound of laughter and the spontaneity to break out into song at any minute.

  2. Above all, our mothers did more with less, gave us more time and energy with fewer resources. May we live up to their standards.
    Happy Mother's Day, Sally.

  3. We did the car rides too going for ice cream cones. I remember my mom working at Beneficial finance and that we could stop by and see her and she would take us for a milkshake at Newberry's across the street, I loved those times with her.