Saturday, September 22, 2012

You Got 'em Ladies, Get 'em Up!

"They're called boobs, Ed," says Erin Brockovich, from the movie Erin Brockovich.  It's her succinct explanation of  how she was able to acquire sensitive documents.  Erin understood the power of a firm figure. 

As a teenager in the 70's I joined the "Burn your bra!" battle cry of the liberated female and wholeheartedly embraced the fashion forward halter top. 

Thirty years later and gravity has taken it's toll, moving what was once firm and in place and pulled it down toward the waist.  If you find yourself in this same circumstance, take heart, the power of a good figure can be found in the power of a good, supportive bra.

Every figure is flattered by good foundation garments.  They improve all sizes by lifting and holding personal assets in place.  The bra boutique was a fashion wave that swept through in the 90's offering expert fitters to help women find the right fit and support bra for every size and shape.  These expert fitters can still be found at major department stores and speciality boutiques.

If you have never had a bra fitting I strongly encourage you to do so.  You've got 'em ladies, get 'em up.  A good figure will help your posture, strengthen your self-confidence and take an ordinary shirt from sloppy to sharp. 

Prove it with the image in your own mirror.

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  1. This was another great blog, talking about something i know about! I agree the right support is what you need, and all my girls have plenty to "get up" but what about me that feels it is real comfortabe letting them hang!! Can't wait till next week. Love ya, Mom

  2. I need that fitting! My daughter once gave me a gift card for a place that did it and then I chickened out:)

  3. Love the quote about the boobs. I need one of those fittings.

  4. Sadly, this would never work for me, I'm SO flat-chested! I WISH I could justify a proper bra fitting, but I never outgrew training bras!

  5. Love this post, Sally! I went to a "bra shop" for the first time about a year ago and got THE BEST fact I bought 3 of the same kind, because they fit so well, and felt so good! Now, if I can just find a mirror like the one you show here.... :)