Monday, September 3, 2012

Scrapy Quilt #5

 I started this Quilt-as-you-go project in the spring.  It got pushed aside for the auction project that netted $30 each!  Summer was full and allowed for no sewing time.

School is back in session and it took one night to finish this up.  As with most of these quilts I wouldn't turn it in for judging at the county fair but it will keep a body warm in the winter and look nice at the end of the bed.

As usual measurements and calculating yardage are a challenge allowing for scraps on hand to begin a project.  There were fewer scraps available than originally thought.  On the back the intention was to use the dark green to frame each square but there wasn't enough so the backing fabric did double duty.  The plus side is there were less scraps of the backing material so win/win!

I love the end product of this method.  The pattern called for much larger squares which is understandable now although next time I'll quilt larger sections versus making larger squares.  With this and a few other tweaks quilt-as-you-go could easily become a preferred method.

There is another pattern already waiting to be cut to go along with a pillow already made. 
I have found my hobby. 
What do you enjoy doing?


  1. Well look at you go...taking that energy of an empty nest and being productive...this is great! My mother started quilting after we all left home and at age 72 she hasn't slowed down at all...enjoy!

    My sewing machine pedal broke this week...after 29 years! How dare it..LOL

    I like too many things...right now I am refinishing dining room chairs

  2. That's such a pretty quilt! I admire your quilting skills. It's been a long time since I made a quilt and I would not be considered an expert. :)

    Happy Labor Day!

  3. I like the color combination. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Actually I suggest that you skip any thought of reading that book and find another choice! Once I start a book, especially one I got for review purposes, I need to finish it, but I sometimes I feel I am wasting time.

  4. Reading! Having coffee with friends. Watching movies with my family. At least two of those would go great with one of your lovely quilts. :)