Saturday, September 15, 2012


My Saturday was spent:

...working on the "Raw Edge" quilt.  All the pieces are cut and the sewing is set up for maximum efficiency.  Squares becoming blocks, blocks morphing into sections.  This quick pattern is currently my favorite in color and design.

... in the stadium watching the Wayland Pioneers pass, run, tackle and 'yard' their way down the field to their first win, 23-26.  We  enjoyed perfect football weather; overcast skies and 61 degrees accompanied by a slight breeze.  Eating junky food, drinking Route 44s and sporting t-shirts proclaiming our allegiance we cheered and stomped the Pioneers to a victory.

...attending to personal enhancement.  A pedicure ranks as a special treat.  Pretty toes are just...well, pretty.  There was a time I treated myself quite regularly when the procedure consisted of me, a technician, a clipper and polish of my choice.  It cost $10.  The pedicure has turned into an event including leg and foot massages, vibrating chairs, a cocktail and a price tag of $35.  Pretty toes are still nice, even when painted by my own hand.

Throughout the day domestic chores such as laundry and lunch and dishes were also accomplished.

Take a moment, reader, and share with me how you spent your Saturday.
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  1. The Catholic women of Kingston and Markesan had a quilt show in Kingston. A life long collecter of quilts (even though she does not sew or quilt) from Pittsville brought a sampling of quilts she has bought at estate sales and such. The "bed turning" or showing of the quilts was impressive. Then there was time for a show and tell by anyone who brought something along. Several memory quilts. Stories to go with almost each creation.

    Later I had to do some grocery shopping. Grilled a whole chicken for supper. Sat down with a really good book in the evening, only to realize that I was getting a sore throat. Today - full fledged cold!

  2. Your Sat sounds nice! I spent it working alone in a store for the first time in years! It went well except I jammed the cash register drawer shut toward the end of the day:(( Not good!

  3. I got my first pedicure a year ago at the local beauty school. Cheap there, and quite nice.

  4. I love pedicures, although it's become a luxury. Still, who doesn't want to look down and see something pretty?


  5. Sounds like you had a good Saturday! Mine was spent watching my grandson and doing a bit of cleaning. And another Saturday is almost upon us. Have a good one! :)

  6. Your Saturday sounds like fun. I love quilts.

    Last Saturday I spent a couple hours was watching my grandson's football game--warm up and the game. The weather was great and their team won.

  7. Love the pedicure idea! Our weekend was crazy, but filled with some really good things. :)