Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sharing the Mood

Wives and mothers will quickly relate to what I’m about to say. My mood is reflected on my family. When I’m happy they reflect positive, when I’m grouchy they reflect irritation, when I’m sad they reflect concern.

When the regular routine of our lives is changed, for good or no, my moods swing about quickly and arbitrarily because I, too, reflect the out-of-sync moods of family members.

Christmas break, two weeks generally, moves our family off their regular routine. I’m happy because of the festivities. I’m anxious because there is so much to do, to buy, and to prepare. I’m irritated when plans don’t go as expected, people don’t aptly appreciate the efforts made, and gatherings aren’t as fun as hoped for. I’m sad when the party is over and the clean up begins. I’m irritated, again, when everything doesn’t repack efficiently.

By the end of the holiday break we are all ready to get back to our regular routine.

Psychology 101: Changing your behavior will change the behavior of those around you. I know this, you likely know this, so why do I wallow in anxiousness, irritation and sadness? Especially in the “out-of-sync” times why do I not consciously decide to keep my mood happy, upbeat, and lively for myself as well as those around me? Why, when irritation and anxiousness are so quick to show up do I not make a point of actively battling those moods?

The god of Selfishness is the answer and as surely as I know this I am disappointed that I am so easily controlled by it. We are all so easily controlled by selfishness and we are all called, as agents of the heavenly kingdom, NOT to be.

In this new year I will be in control of my moods, recognize selfishness early and diligently strive to reflect a positive and upbeat mood.

How about you?


  1. Ouch! Talk about stepping on my toes! I struggle with selfishness so much. Great post.

  2. What a great post! I will remember, to be in control of my moods and not be so selfish in the coming year!

  3. We can be thankful for God's grace and forgiveness because selfishness is a struggle for us all. Here's to doing it less in the New Year.

  4. Oh you are so right on this one. If I am in a bad mood, my husband follows right along or vice-versa. It takes effort but we are trying to smile more--and when we do, it does lift our moods. That's our plan this year:)

  5. Terri, that's my goal as well, to smile more. Good luck to us both.