Saturday, August 18, 2012

Five Senses of Summer

There are few people who, when asked, cannot recall specific memories of summer related to the five senses. 

The smell of grilling food is among the strongest for me.  We often will grill a large variety of meats that will be available for meals throughout the week.  Charcoal smoldering to the proper mound of ash brings and creates good memories.The smell of roasting meat is a favorite (even when it is not coming from my backyard). 

The color of the flowers I patiently plant each year are a favorite sight.

Crickets, preferably not in my house, are a true and pleasant sound of summer.

A feeling I don't mind so much as I get older is the heat of the summer sun.  It  could be as much from the artic blast of cold that gets cranked up on the inside of buildings but I enjoy walking out and absorbing the heat of summer.

The sweet taste of summer resides in the kernels of roasted corn on the cob.  Soak the corn, still in their husks, in water then place them on the grill.  Twenty three minutes later peel back the husk, slather on some butter, sprinkle over some salt and WOW!

What about summer tickles your senses?

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  1. I remember the taste of a fresh red, juicy tomato from my grandfather's garden. My cousins and I would grab the salt shaker and sit down under a large shade tree. Yum, yum! Even now when I eat tomatoes on my salads, I am transported back to that time in my life.

  2. The colors! Oh, my. Our impatiens are riotous and wild. Love it.

  3. Shades of green, fresh tomatoes, the smell of rain, the sound of kids splashing and having fun. LOVE summer so much!

  4. The smell of honeysuckle and lightning bugs dotting the evening sky.