Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dating & Mating: Sexual Market Value

A link on a social media outlet led me to an interesting dating concept. 

The link went to a thread of comments where a 32 year old woman was lamenting her current dating progress.  There were multiple answers to her groans of bewildering outcomes although one male commenter posed an interesting conclusion.  His answer revolved around the disparity in what he referenced as the sexual market value of men and women.

A disclaimer is necessary here.  This is a one-sided, male perspective.  This view, as referenced here, is not meant as a broad sweep across the genders; there are too many exceptions for this definition to be considered a standard.

This is an observation that has enough commonality to merit examination and consideration.

Here is the link for those who who are interested in the complete exchange.

The disparity, our commenter said, is women have a high sexual market value from puberty through mid-30's.  A man's high sexual market value begins at age 26 and increases from there.

What has value, in women, that age begins to devalue would be youth, firmness, energy and sexual appetite.

For men, their sexual value begins to rise after college, when they mature and establish a career, respectability and solvency.

With these market changes the dating scene is flipped.  Where young women have a larger selection of males and can be choosy, and young men are 'friend zoned' frequently; older men may have a larger selection and can be more choosy while older women experience the 'friend zone.' 

His solution is the same for young men and older women; keep dating.  "At this point dating is going to be a grinding affair and a numbers game.  You will be regularly turned down and you're going to have to shrug it off and go on to the next date unfazed."

This is a simplistic view of the many faceted world of dating and relationships but his premise has enough truth that if you are a dating individual, give it some thought. 

You may, or may not, agree with this outlook but the commenter's final remarks hold some wisdom.  "Rest assured you will find someone who values you for exactly who you are, as we all eventually do and that's not a bad thing, as, if you wait for exactly the right person, you'll only have to wait once."

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