Friday, January 30, 2009

In The Beginning.....Welcome

Welcome to my friends (and family) that I have met face to face, to the friends I know only by their text messages and to the new friends who will meet me here.

This blog has been created to share my knowledge (Master's in Psych.) my advice (47 years of living) and my thoughts (wordsmith, known to few until now) with people who I care about. Those in consideration, here at the beginning, are my son, my nieces and nephews and the college friends I am making through my work with FBC Life Groups. All others who visit are welcome to enjoy and participate because I care about you too.

What you read here is mine and therefore will have baggage and unsettled issues attached. The only evidence I might offer are my feelings and impressions. I do not claim to be the only opinion or, by any means, the right opinion. My opinion is always fluid and open to change. Your opinion matters on any topic but be prepared that in the end, as with my own, it may only matter to you.

It is my intention to say all things in love. If you are offended or hurt or my opinion steps on your toes I apologize. My first bit of advice for you to remember; as with all human beings, it is all about me and very rarely about you. The second bit; never attach emotion to written communications as often your impressions will be wrong. If we believe we have been misunderstood let's make the agreement to talk it through.

I have an anglo-american Christian foundation and much of what I say will reflect this. We do not have to believe the same in order to be friends and share. I would be thrilled to visit with anyone, seperately, that would like to discuss this topic further.

I am a noob, in gaming terms, to the blogging world so I ask your patience as this space develops and I get my blogging legs.

Again, welcome.