Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Daily Schedule

For a majority of people, excluding active government agents, those who travel frequently and new mothers, our lives are steady and usual. Each weekday is so similar that a schedule is maintained. It is within the ordinary for this schedule to vary only minor degrees from month to month. For those steadfast individuals it may continue on into years without interruption.

A bomb comes in many varieties. It is always explosive but that explosion can be physically non-destructive, moving us physically from our home, our job or a relationship. Physically it can explode within our health causing damage that requires doctor’s visits, surgeries or hospitalization. A bomb can explode emotionally causing heartache and/or hurt feelings. I will quickly agree that there can be a positive bomb but that’s another blog.

For today’s purpose I refer to a bomb, not necessairly good or bad, but that explodes and changes the course of your daily schedule. What is usual and ordinary; your current schedule ceases to exist. What do you do?

My usual and ordinary changed on June 6th. It was not an unexpected change but I didn’t know exactly how the explosion would affect my daily schedule. Now that it is several weeks into the change I’m going to label the affect a “refocusing”. I have been refocused. Several items that were scheduled before June 6th have lost their place on the list and ceased to be addressed. These tasks I once monitored daily/weekly are currently gathering dust, unnoticed. My blog is among those items that grow dusty in the aftermath of the bomb change.

My small band of followers and subscribers are the motivation that keeps me honing my skill as a writer. Your interest affirms my desire to write; to share my words and thoughts. Although the bomb has shifted the daily schedule it has not removed the desire. As with most ‘bombs’ Helen Steiner Rice says it best, “This Too Shall Pass”.

When another bomb drops, or change occurs, and my schedule shifts once again my blog will reappear on the weekly list. I look forward to finding you all here.

If I can but keep on believing
What I know in my heart to be true,
That darkness will fade with the morning
And that this will pass away, tooHelen Steiner Rice

What ‘bombs’ have shifted your daily life?


  1. Praying for strength and direction for you in the aftermath of "the bomb." Change is tough, but I've always found that the growth it brings is an incredible gift.

  2. Thanks, there is great growth in this; the stretching beyond comfort limits growth and my mind understands but it is my heart that stings.