Saturday, September 4, 2010

Laundry . . . I Love It!

There is a base satisfaction to a line of fresh laundry, swinging in a gentle breeze, on a sunny day.

Not everyone will relate to my enthusiasm for the wash but those who do, understand the pleasure derived from the smell of warm clothes coming out of the dryer, a white shirt crisp with starch or the artistic picture of colorful shirts hanging on the line.

With all the possible household chores, laundry is one that I don’t mind doing.  Every week it brings me the satisfaction of a job well done; from the sorting, to the hanging, drying and ironing. There is an art to hanging out clothes; no towels as they dry rough, tuck personals behind the sheets and wrinkles are imminent, but that’s for a good iron to take care of.

It would be ecologically correct to say I hang out the clothes to be ‘green’, and D. installed the line with that in mind, but I really just enjoy the frontier feeling of pinning up wet clothes and letting the wind do its job.


  1. Thank you so much for your good, better best coment on my blog. You encouraged me so much! I dreaded getting my work edited this way but I know it is only to help it.
    My mom used to hang her clothes out forever. I love the smell of fresh sheets!

  2. I completely understand the dread. You show great personal growth just taking the step to have your work edited, keep it up, what won't kill ya will only make you stronger!

  3. I used to hang my laundry out on the line when I lived in Missouri all the time. But then I moved to Kansas - the land of gale force winds. I hardly ever hang my laundry out now. Boo. :( Suzanne

  4. Wind and blowing dust are opposing forces on laundry. Dryers make the chore so convenient I'm curious how many people still hang it out for the sheer pleasure of it.