Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Word about Coffee

I was 42 years old, in 2003, when I became a coffee drinker. The coffee era was in full swing, Starbucks beginning it’s ascension in 1987, and I was late coming to the table. I always enjoyed the smell of coffee brewing but never acquired a taste for the bean.

The concept of ‘candy coffee’ dressed up with sugar, flavored creams, steamed milk, whipped cream and sprinkles sounded yummy but at those prices, coffee fell into the category of a ‘special treat’. As the rest of society worked these expensive, calorie laden coffee concoctions into their daily budget, I sipped along on hot chocolate and green tea.

It was at a dinner party. Coffee was offered after the meal. A confirming nod from my husband, in answer to my raised eyebrow question of “Is it any good?” had me saying yes, to a cup. They served flavored beans, freshly ground and brewed. A convert was born. This modest setting opened up the world of; flavored coffee beans, personal grinders, flavored creamers, drip brew, coffee pressers and under the counter with timer coffee pots. With my own coffee bar accessories in-house I went from zero to a pot of coffee, daily, in under 30 days.

As my coffee palate matured and sophisticated, favorites have emerged. Always cost conscious and as environmental as my wallet and taste buds will allow, this is my coffee gold; for cost and flavor the 8’Oclock brand is top shelf. Hazelnut beans a favorite. Folgers comes in second with their Chocolate Truffle and Carmel Drizzle pre-ground. Not one to drink my calories, Splenda is the sweetener of choice.  ½ & ½ is Weight Watcher friendly at 1 point per serving. Flavored creamers are saved for special occasions. The Christmas Coffee Mate flavors are worth splurging on; Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice and Eggnog.

A true pleasure is sitting on the back porch, on a cool morning, sipping a fine cup of coffee with someone you enjoy . . . mmmm, now that’s good.


  1. Lovely!! I totally agree - there's nothing like sipping a gorgeous cup of coffee first thing in the morning while enjoying God's creation! Of course, I'm an all day coffee drinker, so I will and do have it anywhere. :)

    I have been drinking coffee since I was 2. My Grandmother lived with us, and while my parents didn't allow me coffee, she did. I've always loved it and I suppose I always will.

    Thank you for coming by my blog. I love yours, too, and have bookmarked it and will return again.

    God bless you - Julie

  2. I too am a fan of the hazelnut 8 O'clock. I usually drink the flavored coffees on the week-end. I do like to fool myself that the week-end is here by brewing it on a Wednesday! I is a special treat!

  3. I am surpised it took me so long to discover the joys of a cup of joe. Thank you both for stopping by.

  4. A true pleasure is sitting on the back porch, on a cool morning, sipping a fine cup of coffee with someone you enjoy . . . mmmm, now that’s good


  5. Well,now I know for sure I am the old lady here:)
    I tried coffee years ago as I love love the smell but alas, the caffeine made me more talkative than I already am and didn't want to mess with decaf so my poor husband grinds his beans alone.

  6. Terri, there is nothing wrong with a great communicator!