Friday, October 8, 2010

College On My Mind

In an effort to post regularly I've discussed pertinent Biblical lessons and our efforts at weight loss and good eating.  What other things are on my mind? Today it is the college application process.

We are in the midst of college applications and early decision dates. Most applications ask for the same information in a slightly different format. The efficiency of the ‘world wide web’ has produced the concept of the common application. This is common to a select group which does not include our little group of three, ergo, I’m sharing our numerical statistics (3 times) + the scarce state of our collegiate financial situation (3 times) + the supplements each institution requires because they are not common.

While I am busy digging out the past, present and future our senior is preparing, studying and testing for the separate test requirements. His anxiety level ebbs and flows with each passing event. Tomorrow concludes this process and I’m thinking a “Whew, It’s Done” party is in order, a celebratory event before the vigil for acceptance letters begin.

This process has turned into an emotional roller coaster because of our anticipation of acceptance into a major research university that will require several essential pieces fall into place, that, and an early seasonal head cold we’ve been passing around.

My one advantage; I’m an emotional NON-eater. Goal weight maintenance is, momentarily, a non-issue.

What is on your mind today?


  1. College applications? Sound fun to me! My husband did all that last year at this time but we knew what school he wanted to go to. So is this your last child to leave home?

  2. My one and only, which makes it all very bittersweet. There is much thought going into empty nest plans.

  3. I am crossing my fingers that all goes well! Such a long process!


  4. Thanks Kristina, it is a long process from start to acceptance. I'm afraid this waiting for "the letter" will be the longest of all.